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Using Ear Cartilage for Collapsed Botched Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty done by a "top" surgeon rhinoplasty specialists in NYC 7 years ago. Immediately afterward the right nostril was collapsed, I had... READ MORE

Is this collapsed, pinched or... nostril? What are my options? (photos)

I'm 4 months from my revision. As you can see from the pictures I posted, there is a problem with my nostrils (tip?). Is this collapsed, pinched or..... READ MORE

weak alar cartilage and a collapsed nostril what can be done this is after a septorhinoplasty.

I have been referred and went to see a head and neck doctor with ent, they said my pain was caused by congestion and that I should use neil med nasal... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope Left for my Nose? (photo)

I originally had my first revision just to fix a collapsed nostril, and from there each surgery made my nose worse and worse. I had my 4th rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Is curved ear cartilage acceptable as spreader graft for one-sided collapsed internal nasal valve? (photo)

I've had two previous septoplasties. The last surgeon performed a cosmetic rhinoplasty. The septum has collapsed causing concavity on the right side... READ MORE

Repair of Collapsed Nostril?

Hello, I have had several surgeries on my nose from sinus repair to a severe sinus infection. My nose had a hump, now it is very small. I have tried... READ MORE

Worried third nose job will collapse my nose further. (photos)

Hi these are pics after 2 surgerys first one took to much cartridge away second surgeon had to try and rebuild as u can see its a mess the inner... READ MORE

Am I at big risk- Use of septal cartilage for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I read so many horror stories that I dont know what to do. I have a very narrow bridge now after primary rhino. One side is collapsed. Doctors i saw... READ MORE

Why does my right nostril look as if it's collapsed? (Photo)

I had 4 revision rhinoplasty in total and i dont want to have another one . I'm pretty much done with any type of rhinoplasty but im wondering why my... READ MORE

Is a Rhinoplasty revision a good choice? (photos)

Hi! I had my first rhinoplasty about a year and a half ago. I'm considering going back to my surgeon and having a revision. My main area of concern... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty at 7 months? Doctor said he will use ear cartilage for collapsed nostrils? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 7 months ago and whenever I breathe through my nose the nostrils close pretty much completely. So I have been breathing through my... READ MORE

Should I Touch my nose.. Again? (photos)

2 years ago I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty to fix my nose after I was hit with a softball ten years ago. I also had my bifurcated nasal tip fixed. When... READ MORE

What can be done with a revision to improve my nose? (Photos)

I am 1 year post op and unhappy with the result. What can be done through revision to improve this? Its very bulbous, crooked and there is nasal wall... READ MORE

Recommendations for septorhinoplasty revisionists hopefully near Boston, but within the U.S.A. at a minimum?

The plastic surgeon who performed my septorhinoplasty a year ago was board certified in Otolaryngology and plastic surgery, practices out of the... READ MORE

What is needed to reconstruct nose from bad primary? (photos)

I had long time ago a surgery to correct deviated septum and correct minor hump. Surgeon left me with over resected bridge, uneven nostrils, collapse... READ MORE

1 nostril collapsing after rhinoplasty. Can this be fixed symetrically?

Basically on side of my nose the cartilage is collapsing inwards. I can breathe fine but it looks bad. From the nostril crease towards the tip of my... READ MORE

When is a bad nose job "Irreversible"?

Can a nose job become irreversible and why? I have a botched nose job with serious breathing problems. I visited a few ENTs/plastic surgeons in my... READ MORE

Nostrils still collapsing significantly after alar graft. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had a severelly collapsed left nostril for decades. Both sides are quite narrow. About 15 years ago I had 3 deviated septum surgeries. 10 days... READ MORE

Any Dr in Houston area on this site that would consider doing a revision surgery to fix a nasal valve collapse?

Had nasal valve re-collapse and am looking for a dr in Houston that would consider doing revision surgery to repair a nasal valve collapse . Spreader... READ MORE

Is it a complex surgery to fix a right nostril collapse/deviated septum?

I had a revision 10 years ago, and I am unsatisfied with the result. The right nostril is collapsed, obstructing my breathing, and I don't like how... READ MORE

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