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What Is The Proper Way For Me To Clean The Dried Mucus Out Of My Nose 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 18 days ago. I had a lot of dried mucus in my nose and had been trying not to pick or blow my nose. However, this morning... READ MORE

Small Pimples on Nose 4 Weeks Post Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had a revision four weeks ago and I have only noticed in the last week or so that my nose is getting very congested and I have alot of small... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Do Things After a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I just got my nose done on the 14th of this month they told me my first nose job was a total disaster that there were dead skin at my tip of the nose... READ MORE

Nostril Skin Flare at 6 Wks Revision Rhinoplasty, Did I Do This While Cleaning my Nostril?

For the past 2 weeks I've noticed at the very tip of one of my nostrils (at the top of the nostril/below where the cartilage is) is flared out. I had... READ MORE

Cleaning my Nose After 2 Months?

I had surgery about 2 months ago (spreader graft and moved the tip back.) I don't like blowing my nose, so I usually just dab the inside of my nose... READ MORE

4 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, do I have to clean all over my nose where blood clots are visible?

I had a revision open rhinoplasty 4 days ago. I have silicon tampons in both noses. I clean the outer of my nostrils with q-tip and the water i was... READ MORE

Nose cleaning question

So 13 months out from 3rd revision rhinoplasty and I still have all this dry crusty snot around my nostrils. I stopped using saline spray. Should I... READ MORE

Breathing problems after cleaning nose from blackheads with ultrasonic face cleanser (After 2 years from revision surgery)

I had revision 2 years ago, grafts were placed and breathing was good. 3 month ago I cleaned nose with ultrasonic, which needs pressure. after that i... READ MORE

Could I be feeling loose cartilage in my nose when trying to clean it using Qtips? I am 7 weeks post op from a revision rhino

No cartilage grafts were taken from my rib or ear. But when I try cleaning my nose I feel something with a qtip that isn't like crusting/mucus could... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty revision and today is my 12th day. Is it okay for sutures to fall out or did I damage my nose?

After sprating my nostrils with ocean spray, I was cleaning lightly with no pressure the inside of my nostrils with cotton ear swabs to remove the... READ MORE

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