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Is It Possible to Make my Nose Smaller? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty back in 2008 but it was only to remove the dorsal hump that I had. I've always disliked the size of my nose but it's... READ MORE

Can a Spreader Graft Widen the Tip of my Nose After a Rhinoplasty Result That I Hate??

I had a tip rhinoplasty because I was unhappy with my bulbous nose and big drooping tip. I am thrilled that the ball on the very end and the dropping... READ MORE

Unhappy and Depressed After Rhinoplasty

Hi I had rhinoplasty 20 days ago. I'm Very unhappy with the results. They reduced the "hump" from profile view but didn't reduce the... READ MORE

Too Old for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a poor Rhinoplasty experience 7 years ago at age 50. I am considering Revision Rhinoplasty as the surgeon removed most of the cartilage in the... READ MORE

How to Get a More Defined Nassion/radix Area in Rhinoplasty?

I had my first rhinoplasty 5 months ago (1st pic). I got reduction of the nasal bones, supra-tip and tip but my nasion was not touched. As I had an... READ MORE

Can I Fix my Nose with a Second Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago and I should not have even done it i wanted a little bump removed from profile. I had open rhino and osteomies ? But... READ MORE

Another Revision Rhinoplasty: Worth the Risk?

I am a female patient w/ thick skin who underwent an open revision rhinoplasty several years ago, and am overall happy. However a minor amount of... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils After Plastic Surgery, Worth Having Revision Rhinoplasty to Even out?

I had plastic surgery, I'm 8 months post op now. My nostrils were slightly asymmetrical before surgery, but the rims of the nostrils were even... READ MORE

Can Lateral Crural & Columellar Struts Ever Be Removed?

These were placed in a primary. I asked the doctor to narrow my tip & he indicated he'd use a cephalic trim and dome sutures. However, I... READ MORE

Are 6 Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries Too Many?

I have had five surgeries now as the first 4 were a complete disaster and the last surgeon had to totally reconstruct my nose with cartilage and... READ MORE

Cant Breathe Well a Year After Rhinoplasy/Septoplasty/Submucous?

Cant Breathe Well a Year After Rhinoplasy/Septoplasty/Submucous .... Something. I had my ENT doctor do a nose job on me because I wanted a smaller... READ MORE

Can I Later Have Rhinoplasty After Surgery for Deviated Septum?

I have had severe, recurring sinus infections over the last 2 years and I am currently scheduled for sinus surgery in about 2 weeks. This surgery will... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for columelloplasty? (photos)

Hi, I had primary rhinoplasty which had a terrible outcome as you can see in the pics. Q1 As a plastic surgeon, would you charge the patient again to... READ MORE

Should I Get a Revision Rhinoplasty If Right Nostril is Sinking and Bridge is Too Sloped?

Hi i had a septorhinoplasty 4 months ago and i now have sinking in on the right nostril and i feel like my bridge seems pretty sloped. also my nose... READ MORE

Flat Top Nose Rasped to Pyramid Shape (photo)

I recently had my naturally 'flat top' nose bridge rasped down because one of the bones had been accidentally damaged & one side was... READ MORE

Unnatural Looking Nose After Rhinoplasty, Do I Need a Revision? (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago. A small dorsal hump was removed, my nose was narrowed a bit and the tip refined. Although I know I have to wait for... READ MORE

Cooked Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty. Surgeon Said Second Rhino is Risky. Need a Second Opinion? (photo)

Hello dear doctors! Around 14 yrs ago, I underwent a Rhinoplasty procedure. However, a few years ago (5 or so), I started to notice the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Would Like Revision Rhino to Get My Old Nose Back, Is This Possible? (photo)

I had a closed rhino for a small dorsal bump but the Dr. also wanted to round out my tip, I wish I did not let him, it looks bulbous now! He said he... READ MORE

Secondary Rhinoplasty After 20 Years, Are My Issues Fixable?

I had a bad rhinoplasty 20 years ago that left me with a twisted nose, a polly beak deformity, and dents. I had a revision about 18 months later,... READ MORE

I have noticed my nose tip turn slightly blue when it gets cold. Am I a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty 5 years ago with a Doctor in VA and he wasn't a facial plastic surgeon.Anyways, within that 5 years he has operated on me... READ MORE

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