Bumps + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Should I Consider Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am a 22 year old female and in December 2008, I had a Rhinoplasty and a Septoplasty. I went back to see my doctor a week ago because I have a hard... READ MORE

Bad Rhinoplasty Help (Bossae) What Needs to Be Done to Fix It?

I had a rhinoplasty last year. It looks horrible and is sore. I have bumps on my tip that I assume to be bossae. One side has a bigger bump and looks... READ MORE

What is the process to remove bumps on nose tip? (photo)

These bumps appeared after a revision rhino, so I had another surgery a few months ago and they are back. Are these bossae and what is the process to... READ MORE

Rasping Recovery After Revision Rhino?

In getting a rhino revision to rasp down bumps on both right and kleft side of nose. what can I expect for recovery? No broken bones, ust rasping READ MORE

Pinching in Nose a 1 1/2 Years After Rhinoplasty? Did I Cause It?

I am due for a revision in a month due to asymmetry, a deviated septum and drooping tip. However since the surgery I've noticed white bumps in... READ MORE

After 3-revisions I Still Have Bumps, and Dents on my Leftside of Nose,tip is a Small Bone

I have had 3 revisions on my nose, the first docter left bumps and dents on the left side of my nose, plus the tip is a piece of bone, with a raised... READ MORE

I Had a Nose Job One Year Ago, and the Bridge Looks Like This and I Have Excruciating Pain, Options? (photos)

I see ridges and bumps on the bridge of my nose and i have throbbing pain on the bridge. READ MORE

Permanent Options to Fix Bumps 2yrs Post Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty about 2 years ago. I have had a small ridge where the incision was made under my nose. I have had a few steroid injections without... READ MORE

Revision Rhino - Ear Cartilage Graft to fix Inverted V deformity?

I had primo rhino to remove TINY bump & thin my tip; now Im left with small bridge, fat tip & Inverted V deformity. Revision doctor said I have small... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Bumps on Both Sides of my Nose After Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had my first rhinoplasty surgery in September of 2012. In March of 2013 I had revision surgery because there were bumps on the sides of my nose that... READ MORE

Will this divot go away? (photos)

I got a revision rhinoplasty and so far I am 100% unhappy. I'm about 2 months out of surgery and as the swelling is going down lumps and bumps are... READ MORE

Do I only need rasping? (Photo)

My dr said I just need to be put under for rasping of the two bumps on the bridge of my nose? I didn't have any tip work done cuz I wanted it to b... READ MORE

Will revision rhinoplasty make my long upper lip worse? (photo)

18-months after a primary to de-project my nose, I have been advised to have a revision to correct callus bumps, nostril asymmetry and a deviated... READ MORE

Bump on nose after revision rhinoplasty. (photos)

I had a revision nose job 6 weeks ago. My original nose job was 25 years ago when I was 22. I loved my tiny little nose. the right side started to... READ MORE

Bumps on my nose still make a big protuberance even after revision nose job. What can be done in this case? (photos)

Some time after my first rhinoplasty, I got this bump on the right side of my nose making a big protuberance. I just had a revision 3 weeks ago and... READ MORE

Looking for recommendations and cost to fix flaws in nose after rhinoplasty in 1993 (Photo)

Hi, I have some flaws in my nose after rhinoplasty in 1993. It has a visible scar on the left side, extra tissue in the left nostril and a dent in the... READ MORE

I am scheduled for touch up rhinoplasty soon. Can the bumps on the edge of my nose be fixed?

I had rhinoplasty recently and was left with a side profile that wasn't straight, as well as sharp edges of my nasal bones that appear as bumps from a... READ MORE

9 months post-op of 2nd rhinoplasty. My dr completely botched my nose and I have lost all confidence. What can be done? (photos)

Mainly,I wanted the surgery because I couldn't breathe through my left nostril.I wanted this fixed, as well as my nose straightened,primarily the tip,... READ MORE

Can my nose get fixed? And if so what procedure? PS: location is not a problem (photos)

Hello! so about two years ago I got a rhinoplasty done (with general anast) i had a broken tilted assymetric nose, now two years later i still have... READ MORE

More streamlined and sleek nose - what would you do? 3rd operation (Photo)

I had revision op a year ago, the results could be better. My nose before revision was botched, so the improvement compared to that is huge. The... READ MORE

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