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What Can Be Done to my Bulky Nose in a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 7 months ago. I am unsatisfied with my results. My nose is too bulky. The sidewalls of my nose are too thick and wide. I... READ MORE

Possible to Get Refined Nose After Two Rhinoplasties?

I am south asian women. After 2 rhinoplastie by a European surgeon, my nose is bulky and broad.I want sharp tip, more elevation, removal of hump and... READ MORE

Alar composite graft removal? (photo)

Hi, i had small touch up after revision 2,5 months ago to correct alar notching with composite graft. I think it's too much. It made my tip bulky and... READ MORE

How to Place a Spreader Graft So It Won't Be Seen Externally on a Thin-skinned Patient?

Hello, I have heard some doctors comment that spreader grafts can make the upper part of the nose too wide or bulky. However, I have seen some before... READ MORE

Please can you recommend a surgeon for a nose with thick/ bulky skin with little nasal definition? (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty in Poland 2 years ago now. Even though the nose 'has been done' the results are impossible to see because of my thick and bulky... READ MORE

Would Hyaluronic Filler Injection temporarily fix overprotected nose tip after revision? Is it safe in my condition? (photo)

Kindly need Doctor(s) expertise advice. 3mo already since last revision.No improvement to tip projection. From pictures attached,right side is the... READ MORE

Can I have a Revision Rhinoplasty if I have depression? Do I have to tell the surgeon I'm taking antidepressants?

I'm SO sad and cry everyday. I used to be happy & social and now I'm afraid to look in a mirror. My primary surgeon changed too much and told me my... READ MORE

Accentuation of my nose bridge. How can I fix this? (Photo)

I got a nose job 8 months ago , I just had a little hump that was bodering me, besides that I really liked my nose. My nose was straight before the... READ MORE

Reversing tongue and groove and fixing nostril length to gain a more balanced (non-operated look) is this doable?

Unfortunately I am one of those that will have to reconsider a revision rhinoplasty. Besides reversing the tongue and groove which left me with no... READ MORE

Is another tip revision possible? (photo)

The photo is 3 years post-op after a second (yes, second) tip revision. The tip was debulked and narrowed slightly; overall, the result was a great... READ MORE

How much can I expect a revision, in my case, to cost me? (photos)

About 6 years ago, I had a rhinoplasty procedure performed that I am extremely unsatisfied with. The bulkiness of the nostrils, elevated tip and... READ MORE

Bulky thick nose. Will they be able to make this look normal? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty done a year ago and it looks a little better than before but still droopy and I think its still huge, I can the difference from... READ MORE

Am I in need of a revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

It's been 10 months since my rhinoplasty and my nose looks even more droopy and bulky them before my doctor did not do what he had promised me he... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for alar base reduction? (Photos)

When I am able to afford a rinoplasty for my nose bridge, I will. But am I a good candidate for alarplasty/ alar bae reduction? I want a smaller alar,... READ MORE

Can I take legal action over a bad septorhinoplasty

Initially my insurance covered the cost of the surgery but since my first open surgery my doctor has done up to 5 or 6 closed and open surgeries to... READ MORE

Should I have less swelling after my 3rd revision? (Photo)

In 2nd revision, my doctor put 6mm of goretex bridge that made me look weird with sharp & too high bridge up to forehead. I consulted the 3rd... READ MORE

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