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Post Revision Rhinoplasty: Nose Still Crooked

I had rhinoplasty when I was 14 and continued to have complications breathing and it still had a very bulby appearance. I had a revision rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Six Months Enough Waiting Before Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a primary open septoplasty/rhinoplasty 3 months ago and am not entirely happy with the results. My profile is much better than before but from... READ MORE

Alar Spreader Grafts Still Used to Correct Nasal Pinch and Alar Collapse?

I am researching revision rhinoplasty and want to make sure I have the correct procedure done to fix my pinched tip, noticeable alar creases and... READ MORE

Breathing Problems: Spreader Graft or Alar Batten Grafts?

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty done some years ago but am planning to have a revision now. As you can see on the picture, my nose is crooked, but I also have... READ MORE

Bigger Nostril Opening Size - Is It Possible?

I had rhinolasty 2 month ago. also there was alar base reduction ,doctor told me he extract 2 mm tissue from nostril opening size is... READ MORE

Rhino Revision to Insert Spreader Graft for Collapsed Mid-dorsal?

I had rhino ~5 years ago. Returned 4 mos post-op because it felt "pinched" & I couldn't breathe. Now, I constantly wear... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Covered by Insurance?

I broke my nose and had a nose surgery to straighten it ou and remove the bump. However, my nose is still crooked and the bump is clearly visible. I... READ MORE

Second Rhinoplasty for Hard Crusts in Nose?

Ever since my first Rhinoplasty surgery I have been getting these very hard crusts (that sometimes prohibit breathing) in one side of my nose; the... READ MORE

Severe Nasal Collapse

6-7 years ago I had rynoplasty and tubinectomy surgery, please excuse my spelling on those two procedures. The surgery was in attempt to fix a... READ MORE

I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty. What Needs to Be Done to Make my Bridge Straight?

I had a closed rhinoplasty done over 2 years ago to remove a small hump and to refine a slight bulbous tip. I am very unhappy with my results. What... READ MORE

Looking for a Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist in the Las Vegas or CA Area

I have had one rhinoplasy revision back in 1995. I still have a deviated septum as well as a torn septum. I have difficulty breathing and I am not... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Your Nose to Collapse (valve)?

Is it normal for your nose to collapse(valve) 7-11 months after rhinoplasty revision surgery? I bumped it a few times not very hard but noticed it... READ MORE

Will a Repeat Nasal Sill Reduction Impair my Breathing?

I had a nasal sill excision in my primary rhinoplasty in 2009 and my nasal base is still too wide. I am going in to see my surgeon to excise more... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Sinus Infection

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago.I didn't like and request for the implant to be removed.Lately I realise that I have problem breathing.(I have been... READ MORE

Breathing Troubles Due to Rhinoplasty?

My first rhinoplasty was successful in correcting a deviated septum, but aesthetically I felt my nose could have been reduced in size, so I had a... READ MORE

Is this a nasal spur that has developed after my recent rhinoplasty revision? (photos)

I am currently three weeks post op of having a rhinoplasty revision. I noticed pretty soon after having the surgery that some tissue or bone was... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty 2 Months After Septoplasty Too Soon?

I had a rhinoplasty June 2010. By October I was have breathing trouble due to nasal valve collapse. My PS kept telling me that it would get better but... READ MORE

Can cartilage grafts be trimmed back or removed in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have seen numerous mixed responses from doctors on this site relating to the question on whether cartilage grafts placed from prior rhinoplasty can... READ MORE

Can the placement of spreader graft between left upper lateral cartilage and strut grafts be removed in revision rhinoplasty?

I had a deviated septum rhinoplasty procedure just over a year ago where unknowingly spreader grafts and strut grafts were placed all inside my nose... READ MORE

Can Revision Rhinoplasty Be Revised?

I had revision surg. over 9 months ago to correct nostril and breathing. Pre rev. nose was small slim. Ear cart. was placed on sides of bridge and tip... READ MORE

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