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After 2 Rhinoplasties, Can Nasal Be Outfractured to Give Me More Width?

I had a revision surgery and my doctor narrowed my nasal bones too much. The narrow bones do not match the rest of the nose and the nose itself does... READ MORE

Will breaking nose to make it narrow add length? Even a couple MM? My nose lacks definition, will step 2 of rhino fix it?(photo)

1st rhino: Doc made me look like a pig & he shaved down my bridge way to much 2nd Rhino: new doc did a great job with tip and fixing my septum (step... READ MORE

Can nasal bones be broken a 3rd time for a rhinoplasty revision?

I've had 2 rhinoplasty surgeries and my nasal bones were broken each time. I've been told that I will need my bones rebroken to get the desired result... READ MORE

Seeking Revision Rhinoplasty info. Does reverse Osteotomy's exist? Is it possible to break the bones and widen the nose? (photo)

I was told by a doctor that I could benefit from having an "Osteotomy to make the middle third wider". He said he feels as if the "internal nasal... READ MORE

Can a nose tip revision be done without breaking the bone? (photos)

I am trying to find out more information on rhinoplasty work exclusively for the tip of my nose. I have no issue with the rest of my nose but have... READ MORE

Is the bump on my nose suitable for rasping? (Photos)

I'm undergoing secondary rhinoplasty soon beacuse there is too much cartilage left on my tip. Since I'm going under the knife again I wanted to ask if... READ MORE

1 year post-op: Unhappy and disappointed, wish I had never done this - options?

I had a dorsal hump which I wanted straightened. I asked the doctor NOT to make my nose upturned: only make nose straight. Liked the tip shape; wanted... READ MORE

What to do? I had rhinoplasty since months ago, and the result is extremely disappointing.

I have a very wide open roof with dents on the bridge, an inverted v (thats worse on one wide than the other), and one side collapses in when i... READ MORE

How difficult is it to rebreak bones for a revision rhinoplasty?

3 months ago I had rhinoplasty done and bones were broken to narrow my nose. it is very crooked now and has a bone sticking out the side. The surgeon... READ MORE

8 Months Post Revision Rhinoplasty. Supratip Break! Will It Go! Please Help! (photo)

I'm 8 months post revision rhinoplasty. There's a break between the bridge of my nose and the tip of my nose ( FROM ONE SIDE ONLY, the other side... READ MORE

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