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I Can Feel Bone Poking out Inside my Nostril, Can That be Fixed in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I'm due to have revision rhinoplasty Tuesday and live out of town so I'm not able to see my de again before. I have bad bossae that are being... READ MORE

How Risky is Narrowing Nasal Bones in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had my first rhinoplasty 1 year ago (total rhinoplasty), and while I am happy with it for the most part, it appears that my right nasal bone is not... READ MORE

Can the Width of the Nasal Bones Change After Osteotomy/rhinoplasty?

I just removed the cast from a revision rhinoplasty I had last week. I got it because my nasal bones were very wide since they had only been rasped... READ MORE

Can Revision Rhinoplasty Rebuild the Nasofrontal Area Ot the Nose or the Area Where the Nasal Bone Meets the Forehead?

My first rhinoplasty left my nose to feminine and the bone between my eyes is uneven, one side really dips in and the grafts show on the other side. READ MORE

Can a Nose Job with a Forehead Reconstruction Create a New Angle in the Nasal Bone? (photo)

I wanna make a forehead reconstruction(forehead shaving)together with my nose(revision) i dont want my profil looks like a straight line ,can a... READ MORE

Will Nasal Bones Set Together?

Hy, I had my revision rhinoplasty 2 and a half months ago. I've noticed that my nasal bones don't connect. I can't really explain it but... READ MORE

Why Did my Surgeon Shave off my Bone?

I had a nosejob almost a year ago because I had a hump on the bridge and a droopy nose. So I got it done. The bridge looked nice and straight, but the... READ MORE

Would it cost a lot to get a small ball of bone removed from the side of my nose? (photos)

I've got a small ball of bone on the side of my bridge following rhinoplasty surgery. My surgeon is reluctant to do anything for me, he says my nose... READ MORE

Can a Revision of Slight Raised Bone on the Bridge Cause More Damage?

If you fix a slight raised bone on the side of your bridge after the original rhinoplasty can you end up with worse problems. READ MORE

The doctor I consulted said my bones are too thick to make my nose thinner in the bridge- what are alternative options? (Photo)

I'm looking to have revision rhinoplasty and during multiple consults, one doctor who is MD FACS and a facial plastic surgeon/ENT said my bones are... READ MORE

During an osteotomy, once the bone is cut, does it automatically fall inwards, or does the doctor need to push it in?

I've had 2 osteotomies on my right nasal bone and very little changed. I am wondering if that has to do with the technique of the doctor or the type... READ MORE

Can a nose tip revision be done without breaking the bone? (photos)

I am trying to find out more information on rhinoplasty work exclusively for the tip of my nose. I have no issue with the rest of my nose but have... READ MORE

Can the removed bone from the nose in a Rhinoplasty be replaced with cartilage in a revision rhinoplasty?

Can the previous X-Rays and photos of the old nose, be a precise reference for the surgeons to bring the nose back as before the first rhinoplasty??? READ MORE

I can't breathe after rhinoplasty revision. Is my nose bone too low?

Hi doktors.I needs help .Im bad situation.Looks very bad after revision and cant breatch anymore.My nose bone seems after revision too low i think... READ MORE

Is rib cartilage less prone to resorption than rib bone?

I am considering having an implant from bridge area removed and having it replaced with natural material. I have thin skin and was wondering what type... READ MORE

7 months post op and not happy with how I healed. My doctor gave this opinion but would love to know if what he says makes sense

I went under surgery 7months ago and my tip and part of the bridge still look too wide/swollen. I saw my doctor and he said it was possible that the... READ MORE

What should be done to fix my nose? My nose is slanted,bulbous, wide, sticks out way too much, and twisted tip. (photos)

I just had my second open Rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I was happy with the first, but I played college soccer and got hit a few times in the nose that... READ MORE

Should I get another nose job? (Photo)

I have a sharp bone growth on both SIDES of my nose, but my right side has a larger and sharper bump. I've had to rhino/ septumplasty preformed but... READ MORE

Bone irregularities. Osteotomies or rasping? Augmentation? Need revision. (Photo)

After septo/primary, left with visible bone irregularities along with bridge, that create shadow lines and make nose look asymmetrical. Too much... READ MORE

Huge Scars, Weird Bone Shape, Will These Even Heal? (photo)

Hello, i had my revision rhinoplasty and i am worried about scars to tell more clearly i uploaded some pictures The cheek skin where it connects to... READ MORE

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