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Is my nose horrible? My left side is caving in and the tip bends to the left. Will I ever be able to fix these things? (Photo)

Please see photos and tell me what you can see. I hate my new nose, it's all wrong and am so depressed. My left side is caving in and the tip bends to... READ MORE

Do I appear to still have swelling? Why does my nose bend to one side? What are the indentations above my nostrils? (photo)

I am 11 days post-revision rhinoplasty for my tip to be uplifted and 'polybeak' removed. My nose was not broken (unlike my primary rhinoplasty).... READ MORE

12 months post-primary rhinoplasty, nose is bent, deviated to the left with uneven nostrils. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

Primary rhinoplasty 12 months ago, prior to the surgery my nose was perfectly straight with normal nostrils. No visible deviation, nor any unevenness... READ MORE

Who is/are the absolute BEST reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeon(s) in the WORLD?

I have had two surgeries; the first was intended to fix a bad fracture/breathing issue, but instead all the surgeon did was remove too much cartilage.... READ MORE

My nose does not look right and still has a bump, 10 years after surgery: can I have it fixed? (Photo)

My nose still has a bump on it which has grown in time and my nose looks bent from the front. Is it too challenging to correct? And why has this... READ MORE

How much would a revision cost to fix crooked columella scar approx? (photo)

Just looking into potential options of costs in UK and abroad... as my columella was sewn on bent. Also when would I be allowed to fly afterwards if I... READ MORE

What surgery is needed to straighten my nose; open or closed Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi i had Rhinoplasty at 20 ( bump) Im now 33 with a slight bend on my nose. I think it could be a deviated septum(sinus problems)but possibly i need... READ MORE

7 month post op of Rhinoplasty, my nose is still bent. How much is it for the Revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty on the 30th September 2013. My nose is still really bent and I don't want a revision with my surgeon. Can someone let me know a... READ MORE

Going in for a revision rhinoplasty in the 9 month. Not too sure about my doctor's opinion . Do I need grafts in the tip?(photo)

I had a bent nose , correction of it from an inexperienced surgeon made it worse. I am going in for a revision with one of the best docs . He said he... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my nose after revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I want my nose to be thinner with a straight bridge and a refined tip , my surgeon thinks my results are good , are they ? Can they be fixed and if so... READ MORE

Swelling 2 years after 2nd Rhinoplasty and bent nose (Photo)

Went to a surgeon in Pakistan. wantd to straighten my nose as it was slightly bent & thin out my nostrils, lift my tip up (closed rhinoplasty)It all... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, now have asymmetry and indentation, what can be done? (photo)

Ive underwent my first septo/ rhinoplasty 4 years ago for big tip and braod bridge but then complicated with tip deformity so I get my SECOND/... READ MORE

I need to have revision on my nose as it has gone wrong! Can you see what's wrong with it and please tell me what to do now?

I'm so worried it's going to go wrong again. I have the hump removed and the tip made smaller but now it is bent and I think the tip is also bent to... READ MORE

Does my nose require revision? (photo)

I recently had my rhinoplasty in Iran, however I had to come back to London 2 weeks after my surgery so I can not ask my surgeon my question. My... READ MORE

Why is my nose crooked after Rhinoplasty?

Hello. I had a Rhinoplasty in June, I was unhappy with the result as soon as my cast came off, I noticed how rotated and bent the tip looked the only... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Revision rhinoplasty on thick skin? (photos)

Hi, I had rhinoplasty in December. My nose was crooked. It's been around 8 weeks now, and my nose is still not straight (and my tip is significantly... READ MORE

Has anyone successfully taken a "pinch" out of a nose from previous cosmetic surgery? Has the nose cone bent back into shape?

If someone had revision surgery 2 months ago, and the nostril on the right side where the pinch used to be does not align itself back to a full cone... READ MORE

1 week post-op rhinoplasty for the second time: my septum still looks bent? Is this normal? (photos)

I've always had a deviated septum and after two operations, it still looks bent. I'm only a week post op so I'm not sure if it's too early to tell. My... READ MORE

Septum moving?

How do I know if my caudal septum is flopping around and moving and loose? I had a total of 3 rhinoplasties. After first one my nose was bent and... READ MORE

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