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Steroid Injections for Decreasing Nose Bridge Height?

I am an Asian female, and I had an open revision rhinoplasty using rib graft, done over 6 months ago. I think the level of the bridge is too high. I... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Removing Exisiting Implant from Nose

Hello. I'm a 26 years old male of Asian descedant. I had my first rhinosplasty surgery 6 years ago to refine the tip of my nose and narrowing of... READ MORE

Can Asian Nose Still Improve with Revision Rhinoplasty?

I'm Asian and I have a flat, wide and thick skinned nose. I had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago but I still feel that my nose is still wide (especially... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty and Infection Can Revision Be Done?

I am 17 days post-op asian rhinoplasty. I am fighting infection for 2 weeks. The implant bent to the right side and bridge looks crooked. My doctor... READ MORE

Possible to Get Refined Nose After Two Rhinoplasties?

I am south asian women. After 2 rhinoplastie by a European surgeon, my nose is bulky and broad.I want sharp tip, more elevation, removal of hump and... READ MORE

Nose Revision for Round Asian Tip Elaboration, Please?

2 months ago, I had surgery to heighten my bridge and refine the tip but, it looks the same. I have some definition at my bridge, but only slightly... READ MORE

Asian Revision Nose Job

June 7, I had a nose job in Korea and it's been 2 months. I know that nose job results are realized after 1 year, but I just had it to give... READ MORE

1 months post op, can I remove cartilage & alloderm graft? (photos)

I had a rivision rhinoplasty using ear cartilage & allorderm grafts on Aug. 19 in S. Korea, along with 15 days of stem cells scar treatment.The... READ MORE

How Are the Bones Kept in Place After Being Broken for Nasal Bone Narrowing? Glue?

I'm east asian and underwent nasal bone narrowing in the orient. My surgeon placed a graft (septal cartilage) on top of my bridge without my consent.... READ MORE

Revision Rib Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm asian,had diced rib cartilage(D-RC)rhinoplasty 5mths ago to augment my bridge and tip but it isnt enough.Planning to have revision with bloc rib... READ MORE

Medpor removal and replacement from nose after 15 years?

Surgeons specializing in removal/replacement of medpore? I'm asian and had an L shape medpore implant placed 15 years ago to increase bridge height.... READ MORE

2/3 of my nose hook down while smiling after implant removal. What can I do in revision?

I was injured, (lower lateral cartilage healed derotated-I actually watched the nose drop/shift after injury), about 1 mm elevated, and derotated to... READ MORE

Alloderm for nose tip?

Asian, have to take out my L implant that has shifted n made my tip VERY thin. a dr said he'll use alloderm on nosetip to protect the thin skin. my... READ MORE

I really regret my nose job. Is it possible if second time nose job can bring my old nose and is it safe?

Hi Doctor, I had surgery 3 weeks ago.I really regret it.My new nose never suit my face.I had typical asian nose a bit short and wide.Now my new nose a... READ MORE

Medpor Used in Rhino Revision Without Our Knowledge, Could Too Much Scar Tissue Form?

My healthy, part-Asian, thick-skin, no-smoke, healthy daughter (mid-20's) had revision rhino 1 month ago. Only after surgery we learned that trimmed... READ MORE

Which method would be the safest, permanent, and natural in appearance for an Asian considering a Rhinoplasty Revision?

I am an Asian that underwent Rhinoplasty years ago. The doctor used an l shaped silicone for the bridge and ear cartilage for the tip projection. I'm... READ MORE

Second (Revision?) Rhinoplasty Possible?

I had my nose done in Korea exactly three years ago. I am Asian, I had a flatter nose base, no tip whatsoever and an extremely flat (if not... READ MORE

Can a revision rhinoplasty narrow and de-project bridge and middle section of nose? (Photo)

2 years ago, a surgeon accidentally performed incorrect type of rhinoplasty on my nose. The procedure performed is commonly known as an Asian... READ MORE

Do I really need tip grafts if I am a revision rhinoplasty patient? Can't a surgeon just do with the cartilage I have?

I have a wide-nosed Asian tertiary revision patient looking at a fourth rhinoplasty for issues worsened by surgery. I had an implant removed in the... READ MORE

Flat Asian Nose. (photos)

I have done nose job 7 months ago (january). I have asian nose with flat bridge. I wanted to increase the bridge and give a balance to the tip. The... READ MORE

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