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What is Alternative to Silicone Implant? Rib Cartilage Safe?

Hi, I got my rhinoplasty about a year ago in another country but i have been seeing redness and white color near 2mm is silicone placed in my nose... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty or Fillers to Correct My Short, Wide Nose?

Primary Rhino in 03 for my wide nose,& narrowed the nostrils,which left obvious scarring at base.Very unhappy with results,but nervous to undergo... READ MORE

Alar rim grafts didn't improve the triangular shape of my nostril. How can this problem be fixed? (Photo)

Because of the triangular / notched shape of my left nostril I had revision rhinoplasty which involved the placement of alar rim grafts. Unfortunately... READ MORE

Dr. Steven Pearlman for a revision?

I am planning on flying from Europe to tge US to have a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Steven Pearlman. I have done alot of researching. I am satisfied... READ MORE

Nasal Reconstruction-is There Any Alternatives? (photo)

A plastic surgeon resected an inordinate amount of cartilage from my septum (collapsing). I was told to see Dr. Dean Toriumi in Chicago who... READ MORE

Revision Rhino or Nonsurgical Rhino

I had a rhinoplasty two years ago and i feel like he made my nose too slim and narrow. Can you make it wider again through a revision and if so how... READ MORE

Do I need a revision rhinoplasty?

Is there anyway to correct uneven nostrils flare without a surgery? I would hate to go through another long healing process and pay for another... READ MORE

Is a result like this achievable/realistic for revision? Any alternatives to using spreader grafts to fix my dent? (Photos)

During my rhinoplasty in 2015 my left nasal bone cracked/caved in when my surgeon broke them. My nose now appears to have a c shape when it was... READ MORE

What are the best types of postoperative steroids for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I recently had revision rhinoplasty. So far the results are great. The tip, however, is still swollen and might need steroids. The swelling... READ MORE

Is it really need of silicone implant in my case, any natural alternative of silicone? (photos)

I have a crooked nose from the bridge of my nose. I have SMR surgery in FEB 2015 in which doctor took my cartilage in result I have now saddle and... READ MORE

Is it possible to reposition the nasal bone without occurring any change to it and to the skin

I had two multiple fractures to nose and one the nose looks slights deformed to the left side with deviated septum. Two reduction was done to the each... READ MORE

Ear cartilage graft is too broad and high at nose bridge 3 months post op? (Photo)

Can i take out the graft with closed method? My surgeon said he can redo it in another 3 months later with open approach again. I have no faith in him... READ MORE

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