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Can I Have Another Alarplasty After my Nose Heals from my Initital Rhinoplasty with Alarplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty + tiplasty + alarplasty 11 days ago. My surgeon said he would trim down the the base of my nose to the same width as the space... READ MORE

Alarplasty Revision Help? (photo)

This was the result of a alarplasty. My dr has tried to recut me and even derm it down, this was what it looks like now. The last revision was 6... READ MORE

Alarplasty Revision? (photo)

Hi! It has been almost 7 weeks now from my sill excision. The problem is i was pretty sure 5 mm from each side would give me a good change and the... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Rib Implant?

I did a revision rib rhinoplasty and alarplasty as i had a short nose with alar retracted. Now two weeks post op my nose is huge above all the bridge... READ MORE

What could be done to improve my nose and how soon I can have a revision for my case? (Photo)

I am four months post septorhinoplasty and alarplasty and wondering if you can see that it is not a good looking nose (like I do but no one else seems... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty bad outcome - how to correct? (photos)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove a dorsal hump to have a more feminine look. However, i feel the surgeon has overdone my nose. He... READ MORE

Do I need a revision rhinoplasty or alar plasty? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I had a rhinoplasty in 2007. I was much attractive before the surgery. So i need to know if i need a revision surgery or alar plasty. I... READ MORE

One side of nose wall is now higher than other after alarplasty, is it a good idea to have an alarplasty revision?

After alarplasty, one side of the nose wall was stitched back together about a couple mm higher than the other side. Not as obvious in person but... READ MORE

Best options alarplasty or tip plasty..? (photos)

Would like to know options. I am 20 years old and never really liked my nose. I had my nose straightened two years ago to fix a dorsel hump but I... READ MORE

Had alarplasty in one nostril now instead of being wider is taller - Do I need revision? (photo)

I had alarplasty for my right nostril because it was wider than my left nostril. After, I realized that instead of being wider now it's longer then my... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty and alarplasty 5 years ago in my country. Is it fixable? (Photo)

It has been awhile and i really regret for that decision. help me if it fixable. Im looking for best doctor in dallas area that are professional in... READ MORE

Should I get a revision or alarplasty? What would happen if l removed my silicone implant? (photos)

I got my the bridge of my nose raised with nasal implant and my tip got worked on to make it more projected. I don't like the bridge and would like it... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove silicone implant without affecting the tip which is made up of ear cartilage?

I done my revision rhinoplasty 23 days ago, with a new silicone implant of 3 mm , alarplasty and tiplasty. Prior to this, my old silicone was 15 yo.... READ MORE

May i request my doctor to remove 5mm on both side? (photos)

Revision Alarplasty,I want to go back to my doctor for nostril & flare reduction.Last year i had alar base reduction of 4mm on each side but still... READ MORE

Loss of natural alar crease after alarplasty - looks operated on. Is there hope for repair?

I had a tip rhinoplasty and alar reduction last year - unfortunately, the pre-existing asymmetries to my nose were not accounted for, and I have lost... READ MORE

How much does Alarplasty cost in the UK? On average.

I had a rhinoplasty done earlier this year and I'm unhappy with my nose in general, but in particular my nostrils. They are very very flared when I... READ MORE

Will suture area of external alarplasty be affected by laughing and/ sneezing after 26 days revision rhinoplasty?

I had removed my sutures at Day 6. Now at Day 26. I could see that the area of my alarplasty (on the wings of nose) where the sutures are seated, have... READ MORE

Lumpy Nose After Tipplasty Asian? (photo)

How can my nose be fixed? I just want a natural, smaller nose to fit my face. I already had alarplasty and removed cartilage, added skin graft to my... READ MORE

Doing alarplasty 6 months after tipplasty?

My doctor reduced my bulbous tip and added some cartilage to its bottom. My nasal wings were completely untouched - only the tip of my nose was... READ MORE

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