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What is the Recovery Time and What Are the Risks of Alar Base Reduction?

I am thinking of having a secondary rhinoplasty to reduce my nasal width and was wondering what the risks of scarring were, the risks of uneven... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Fix Alar Base Reduction, Unhappy. How to Fix Asymmetry? (photo)

2 years ago, I had a tip-plasty and right alar base reduction done. I am satisfied with the tip but I am quite disappointed with the results of the... READ MORE

Can I Get My Old Projected Nose Back After Revision Rhinoplasties? (photo)

Hi 5 yrs ago i had a bad rhinoplasty. i went to another doctor and i had several revisions. i have had two lots of medpor, a rib columella strut,... READ MORE

Will an Alar Base Reduction Be Painful Under Local Anesthesia?

I require skin remove from where the outer sides (where the nostril meets the cheek) and also the base/sill. Will this be painful under local... READ MORE

Alar Base Is Wide and Thick after Primary Surgery. Is a Suture Cinch Method The Right Call?

I had nose surgery before, nasal bones were broken. Alar bases looks wide and thick. My doctor wants the suture cinch to narrow the frontal part. Does... READ MORE

Too Much Alar Trim? Help Me Decide? (photo)

I got a 2nd alar trim from a reputable plastic surgeon. i ask him if im a candidate for alar trim and he told me that he will correct it but i think... READ MORE

Is a Revision Rhinoplasty Worth It? (photo)

I just had a rhinoplasty a month ago. Too early to judge I know, but my nose is still very big from the profile, and I do not see that changing since... READ MORE

Can I Have a Second Alar Base Reduction to Correct Uneven Nostril Sizes After the First One? (photo)

I have alar base reduction done 2-3 weeks ago resulted in very uneven nose. I am very unhappy about the results and wondering whether I can undergo a... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from an Alar Base Reduction 4 Years Post Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I do see other issues with my nose but my main concern is and always was the width of my nose. It seemed like all the doctors I contacted kept telling... READ MORE

In Need of Revison Rhinoplasty

I had minor rhynoplasty in Melbourne as a result I now have a hanging columell and alar retration on the right notril - can this be fixed with... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Place a Graft at the Nasal Base to Replace Bone That Was Shaved Down During Rhinoplasty?

During my primary rhinoplasty 5 years ago, bone was removed along my alar nasal base area. I am very unhappy with the way it looks and feels. I was... READ MORE

Can the Alar Part of my Nose Be Fixed to Look More Feminine? (photo)

I feel as though the outer part of my nose is much bigger than most females and I have a curve between my nose and upper lip. I have already had... READ MORE

Do I need a revision alar base reduction OR simply scar revision surgery? (Photo)

I have had two nose jobs. The first wasn't defined enough and left me with scars. The surgeon then carried out a second operation and even though the... READ MORE

Alar base reduction pros and cons in revision rhinoplasty? Can an ethnic nose be narrowed without it?

I plan on having a 3rd revision rhinoplasty to remove an implant & excess bulky scar tissue in the tip. A surgeon suggested alar base reductions to... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Enough Recovery for Alar Base, Columella and a Closed Rhino?

Im thinking of having a few refinements on a previous rhino. I want my alars reduced and the collumena hangs a bit. I would also like some more tissue... READ MORE

Incision Hole/ Scab Present After Alar Reduction As if a Stitch Didn't Work?

I had a revision rhinoplasty including alar reduction. I am 10 days post op and very happy with the results so far. However I was cleaning the area... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction After 2 Previous Surgeries? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty done a number of years ago to slightly de-project and straighten my nose. After the initial surgery the nostrils were uneven so... READ MORE

Is Alar Base Reduction a Good Option for my 2nd Rhinoplasty?

I am not entirely happy with my first rhinoplasty. My nose is not as straight in profile as I would like and the septum is unnecessarily protruded. In... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I got a septorhinoplasty during which the doctor gave me an alar base reduction as well as narrowed the tip. Immediately after surgery my nose looked... READ MORE

Comparing Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Please help me- who is the best Dr for my revision? I need grafts in nose tip (have thick skin) and possible rib cartilage to rebuilt my dorsal line.... READ MORE

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