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Is Nine Hours Under General Anesthesia Too Long?

I am considering revision rhinoplasty and a facelift. The surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with excellent reputation. I am... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty. How Long Before I Can Consult Surgeons?

I had rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and my surgeon has acknowledged that a revision is necessary. The columella is now too short and, as well as rigid... READ MORE

Too Much Nostril Show.. Any Suggestions on Improvement? (photo)

I'm a 49 yr old woman and had a septorhinoplasty to correct deviation of my columella and short nose a few years ago. A nasal tip graft was utilized... READ MORE

Can my Collumella Be Fixed

I have had 4 revision surgeries where they use this stupid Irridiated cartilage which all 3 times have reabsorbed. I was told i was too Old at 48 to... READ MORE

Should I Consider a Revision Rhinoplasty to Reduce my Nasion?

I am a 49 year old female. I had rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago. My principal concern was the hump on my nose and the overall size of my nose. My... READ MORE

I Am Needing 4th Revision Rhinoplasty for a Retracted Columella and a Anterior Septal Extension Graft? (photo)

As the Other 3 Reabsorb? My last revision rhinoplasty in 2007 I was 44 at the time. The doctor told me I was too old to use my own Rib cartilage ? My... READ MORE

I am considering a revision rhinoplasty. I am not sure if it is even an option for me.

First surgery in 1988. Closed procedure. Left me looking deformed, cartilage collapsed. Second surgery, different surgeon tried to repair with closed... READ MORE

Aging sagging face, spent $$ on fillers & no change. Also, 18 mo after Rev Rhinoplasty, visibly and palpably swollen. (photos)

45 yo, after rev. rhino, face started to change. jowls started sagging noticeably, bad undereye circles. face looking like peanut. left tear trough... READ MORE

Huge space between nose and lips (Photo)

Looking for a specialist in revision rhinoplasty with an expertise in philtrum reducution. Had got rhinoplasty done 10 years ago, same Dr. did the... READ MORE

I'm looking for the right doctor for Revision Rhinoplasty for my short nose? (photos)

I've had three previous surgeries. I'd like a refined tip, bridge smooth and straight and added length to not look into nostrils. The bridge has... READ MORE

2 previous Rhinoplasties and considering a third one. Should I leave it alone or try again? (Photo)

I've had 2 previous rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgeries. I'm in my 50s and considering a 3rd. The last one was performed several years ago. Profile is... READ MORE

Would a third revision rhinoplasty help even though I have scar tissue problems?

I am a 47 years old man. I had my first rhinoplasty (in Iran) when I was 20. Five years ago I did a second surgery (in Europe). One year after (in... READ MORE

Possible to have a revision rhinoplasty to correct crooked nasal bones and a deviated septum with the closed technique?

45 year old female. primary rhinoplasty/septoplasty 1995. Nose looked like a ball. Spreader grafts on the sides of tip for revision in 1996/97. Still... READ MORE

6 months post op Revision Rhinoplasty, I have loose skin in bony part of the nose! Why it is so? (photo)

I want to know why the skin of my nose seems to be separate from the bone ,even after the rhinoplasty it is the same. Secondly : I am 48 and i did the... READ MORE

Torn between revision rhino or lower lift with neck procedure? I am 48 years old, non smoker (Photos)

Should I get a rhino revision or lower facelift with neck... I am 48....not sure if too early.. or is mini lift an option?? dont like my nose when I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I am 53 years old. I would like to know if I'm a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty. I feel that my nose still projects and that the tip... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: 48 yrs old, 1 Deviated Septum, 2 Rhinoplasties, 1 bridge repair...

And possible UPPER LATERAL NOSE CARTILAGE DETACHMENT? I have had 1 deviated septum 2 rhinoplasties (20 yrs ago). In addition, my son head butted... READ MORE

Will left lean correct after swelling goes down. (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty at 16. In my twenties the cartilage began to change causing tip deformity and nasal valve collapse. I had a closed septoplasty in... READ MORE

Mid 40s had 3 botched Rhinoplasty operations and suffering from sagging skin? (Photos)

I am 46 year old male of middle eastern background. I had 3 previous rhinoplasty operations performed to improve the shape of my nose. During that... READ MORE

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