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What Health Tests Are Recommended Before Cosmetic Surgery?

I am considering a Revision Rhinoplasty and procedure for the lower eyes. I had a complete blood test done about six months ago and everything came... READ MORE

Must I Wait 6 Months Before Revision Rhinoplasty?

These photos are of my 3-month post-first-septorhinoplasty. I have contacted several of you as I read carefully through this board. I respect my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Incision Scars (photos)

I had a septo-rhino done in october 2008.It was my second rhinoplasty. first was 15 years ago when I was 23.Both times were open rhinoplasty.I have... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of my nose? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty at age 17. old. I had later I had a deviated septum and a polyp removed at age 36. I am currently 38 years old. My nose is not... READ MORE

I Am Considering a Revision Rhinoplasty That Will Probably Require Rib Cartilage?

I am a male and worried there will be a permanent visible scar on my chest I spend hours in the gym to finely sculpt. I am late 30's also worried if... READ MORE

I'm 38. I'm considering having my hanging columella repaired and also a chin implant. I've had two rhinoplasties.

What procedures would help to improve my appearance? If I had my columella pushed up would the rims or nostrils be too high? Also, do you think I... READ MORE

In a Revision Rhinoplasty Using Rib Cartilage, is It Common Practice to Remove Cartilage from 3 Ribs?

I recently underwent a 2nd rhino revision and this time rib was used. I am over a year post op and still have significant soreness in the area where... READ MORE

Planning on Going for the 3rd Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi All,I'm a 37 yr old African man who had an accident when I was 6 yrs old. My nose was badly affected. I went for my 1st and 2nd Rhinoplasty, the... READ MORE

How likely is skin necrosis after having a third Rhinoplasty revision of the nasal tip?

My 1st Rhino (tip defatting and alar reduction) was 13 years ago. I went back 2 more times for additional defatting. All closed procedures. Last one... READ MORE

I need revision rhinoplasty and I'm terrified. How can I find the best surgeon out there that I can trust? (Photo)

Had nose worked on for deviated spetum from 3 broken noses when i was 15 and am now 38. I'm terrified because the first experience was terrible and... READ MORE

10 days post op, my nostrils are uneven, tip looks more bulbous. Any suggestions?

I had asked the Dr to leave width in my nose, but didn't remind him before surgery, so I came out with this. I feel it is unproportionate. Had Septo,... READ MORE

Tip revision and possibly lip lift? (Photo)

Dear doctors: I'm 43 and had a rhinoplasty two years ago to remove a hump. While I'm quite happy with the bridge now, the tip now seems out of... READ MORE

Is there any solution for these indents and other weird shapes in the bridge of my nose post revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

At 17 I got my first rhinoplasty, a great improvement considering the huge roman nose I had, but it was obvious it had surgery. At 36 I decided to get... READ MORE

Bad revision rhinoplasty. Can I get my nose fixed? (Photo)

I am a 40 year old woman and I had revision rhinoplasty 5 years ago to correct a nose bump. The result is hugely disappointing. The tip is bulbous,... READ MORE

Doctors say no to my rhinoplasty request. Should I keep on looking for a surgeon?

I'm a 40-year old male in the UK. Had a rhinoplasty when I was 20, followed by 2 revisions. I had no idea what I was doing back then and did it... READ MORE

Are my rhinoplasty expectations realistic? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty at age 18 which reduced the size of my entire nose, but left me with a droopy tip that is a bit crooked. At age 28, I had a... READ MORE

Is it safe to have more than two rhinoplasty revisions?

I had a rhinoplasty and two revisions when I was 20. I'm now 40, and have never been happy with the result. Is it safe to have another? Obviously I'll... READ MORE

I'm 44 years old and over the past year my nose has started to bother me. Looking for a dr to do revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I had my nose done about 30 years ago with a small revision about 10 years ago. While it is much better than my "nose of origin" the tip... READ MORE

Rhino Revision- wait or do it now? (photos)

I am scheduled to have another rhino revision with the PS that operated in 2012 next week. I like him and feel in good hands. However, from my photos... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a revision rhinoplasty with a perforated septum, leaving the perforation intackted? (photos)

I am 37, female, had two rhinoplasties at the age of 19 and 35. The first surgery left me with a mild inverted v deformity for which correction I... READ MORE

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