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Bad Nose Job

I have had the worst rhinoplasty i could possibly had. I am a 20year old male who had a medium long attractive nose. And considered by most to be very... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse, Worried?

21 year old male,i have nasal valve collapse, when i breathe in, one nostril caves in substantially, and the other caves in slightly this issue... READ MORE

Should I Return to the Same Surgeon for Rhinoplasty Revision?

I had a nose job three years ago, when I was 21 years old. I have been very unhappy since then. One side of my nostril goes in and the other goes out... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery Failed. What Can I Do?

21 year old male.i had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction/ nasal valve surgery done last year. everything turned out well except the nasal valve issue,... READ MORE

What Exactly Would my Revision Rhino Require? Is It Straightforward? What Are the Costs?

Wanted refinement of wide tip & slight narrowing. Changes were slight enough that many people havnt noticed (which i wanted) but I was more... READ MORE

Need Revision Rhinoplasty Advice Please?

I am exactly 1 year post-op. I have inverted-V, alar retraction and overresection of the alar cartilages wich left my nose concave at the tip and... READ MORE

Is 8 Months Long Enough to Wait for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I'm a 21 year old male who had a septo/rhinoplasty back in December of 2010. As of right now I have tip ptosis, hanging columella, and a... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasty revision. Thinking of having the 4th one soon . what should i do ? (photos)

3 rhinoplasty revision with same surgeon . still not what i want it to look like. deviated septum , alar retraction , hanging collumella . I did... READ MORE

Streamlined Masculine Nose Possible?

I had a rhinoplasty when I was 16. I'm 24 now. I've honestly always hated it. I had a large nose before but still very much dislike it now. I... READ MORE

Short, over rotated, upturned tip. How long should I wait for a secondary rhinoplasty? What is my best option? (Photo)

Hello, Last June 10 I went to TJ Mexico For a rhinoplasty, I wanted to raise a little tip and remove a bit of volume on the sides. the tip was a... READ MORE

Silicone sticking out my nose! Please help! (photo)

Hello, i am a 19 year old female, and I had rhinoplasty in South Korea in September 2016. Everything was fine until a pimple caused the silicone to... READ MORE

Dark Circles After Revision Rhinoplasty. How Can I Make Them Go Away?

I had rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. I am only 18 years old. The revision rhinopIasty was in November of 2011. developed dark circles under my... READ MORE

What I Need to Have a Beautiful Nose in Revision Rhinoplasty After Septoplasty, Any Recommendations? (photo)

I am 23 egyptian graduate from school of dentistry , i suffered from mouth breathing . i decided to check this proplm , and with ENT consultation , it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a revision rhinoplasty to make the nose look bigger and more defined?

I am a 24 year old male. I had a septorhinoplasty done a few years ago to make my nose look smaller and more refined. No computer imaging was used... READ MORE

Very Bad Rhinoplasty : What went wrong? How do I fix this? (photos)

I had a SeptoRhinoplasty 5 years ago at age 17 and I am heart broken over the result. Here are some before and afters. My nose seems to have several... READ MORE

Doing Revision Rhinoplasty on Patients whose mental health has severely deteriorated as a result of a botched Surgery? (photos)

Hello, I am 22 years old and I had an unnecessary septo rhinoplasty at age 17 that has completely turned my life upside down and left me with several... READ MORE

What are financing options for an 18 year old who wants plastic surgery?

I want a revision rhinoplasty and chin implant. I expect it to be around $6,000. I don't have any money currently and my parents are currently paying... READ MORE

Trouble Breathing on One Side 6 Months Post Op?

I've had 2 previous surgeries to my nose, for aesthetic and functional reasons. I like the outcome of the revision (had both osteotomies and spreader... READ MORE

What corrections should I have done for revision rhinoplasty (before and after included)? (Photo)

I am 19 and I had rhinoplasty done last year.It looks really unnatural.It looks like an upturned "piggy" nose and over-scooped.The tip also is huge.I... READ MORE

Swollen Tip and Columella?

I am a 24 year old female. I had a revision rhinoplasty 12 months ago to correct some scar tissue from a previous open rhinoplasy. I am still... READ MORE

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