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Do I need a revision alar base reduction OR simply scar revision surgery? (Photo)

I have had two nose jobs. The first wasn't defined enough and left me with scars. The surgeon then carried out a second operation and even though the... READ MORE

How Can I Fix A Bad Rhinoplasty?

I am an Africian Americam female that "5" years ago I had rhinoplasty that went terribly wrong. I am left with a deep zig zag cut under my nose and on... READ MORE

Would I Benefit From Columella and Alar Base Reduction?

I am Afr American and my nostrils are uneven my right nostril is bigger from worms eye point of view but my left nostril is wider from the front... READ MORE

Planning on Going for the 3rd Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi All,I'm a 37 yr old African man who had an accident when I was 6 yrs old. My nose was badly affected. I went for my 1st and 2nd Rhinoplasty, the... READ MORE

Will revision rhinoplasty be able to give me a narrower nose, enhanced nose tip definition, and a narrower bridge? (Photo)

I am a dark complected african American woman with thick skin. I had rhinoplasty about 5 years ago in which a synthetic implant was used to raise my... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve a narrower nose with a rib graft?

I will need a revision with a rib graft to lengthen my nose and narrow the front view. There is no septal left. I am Caucasian, is it possible to... READ MORE

Help on choosing a surgeon for revision rhinoplasty on a black woman (photo)

I am totally frustrated.....I have been to a couple of consultations with a number of plastic surgeons for a revision rhinoplasty ......they all seem... READ MORE

Please help, I need african Revision Rhinoplasty near Toronto. Any advice? (photos)

Hello doctors, I want to improve my previous rhino by doing the following (in order of importance for me) 1. decrease nostril show in front and side... READ MORE

African American revision rhinoplasty?

I had a AA rhinoplasty almost a year ago. The septum bone now leans to the side and also my nostrils are crooked and tip bulbous. My whole nose leans... READ MORE

What are the risks associated with a secondary rhinoplasty in an African American patient? (Photo)

I want to achieve a smaller tip and smaller rounded nostrils? Is this possible with a non surgical procedure?Is it possible to create a longer more... READ MORE

8 weeks post op from revision Rhino, had obstruction in nostril that's now a thick scar. Will massage change my results? (photo)

Had a Revision African American Rhinoplasty. Surgeon uses a technique to alter nostril size inside without leaching a visible scar, and cut out a lot... READ MORE

Revision African American Rhinoplasty 10 wks ago to correct asymmetry, bulbous tip, pollybeak. Am I getting a pollybeak? (photo)

After the first few days of having my splint removed my profile looked amazing, over the weeks it seems to be getting more and more bulbous again.... READ MORE

I'm a black female with thick skin, wide bridge and bulbous tip. After 6 surgeries, little change. What are my options?

In this day and age,can someone please explain how ppl like Michael Jackson and his sibs had their noses done? No one has had that since, why when... READ MORE

African American revision rhino for bulbous thick crooked wide nose. (photos)

I want a revision. After surgery tip is bulbous, septum deviated and nostrils and my whole nose leans to the side. It has been 10 months. My question... READ MORE

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