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My Nose Bridge is Dented After Hitting it on a Door. Can It Be Fixed?

I had my rhino[plasty 4 months ago using rib and recently, my kid flung the door and the corner hit right on my bridge in between my eyes. The pain... READ MORE

Nose Injury 3 Days Post Rhinoplasty: Now Apparent at 12 Months

I had a knock to the left side of my nose at 3 days post Septo-Rhinoplasty and as swelling subsided, I began to notice the effects of the hit. I am... READ MORE

Nose Damaged After Accidentally Tripping

Last night I accidently tripped and hit my head and nose on the cupboard.The pain wasn't excruciating & all I could feel was a weird sensation... READ MORE

Did my tip drop after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty including bridge work and tip refinement 4 months ago. My nose is still super swollen ESP tip area since I have very thick... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay to Repair my Nose That Was Rebuilt from a Car Accident 10 Years Ago?

I was in a bad car accident over 10 years ago and received a lot of trauma to my face. My nose was rebuilt with a couple surgeries and of course... READ MORE

Looking for a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience.

Had accident zygomatic blowout fracture with nasal and maxillary fractures.Underwent septorhinoplasty in 1994 with columella and dorsal implants for... READ MORE

Is rhinoplasty needed to correct a crooked nose after closed reduction to get the original nose back? (Photos)

Almost 2 months ago I fractured my nose and had a closed reduction done to it. However, my nose seems to still be crooked. There is a bump and an... READ MORE

I got into a car accident one month after my revision rhino. My bone is ok but I'm worried about damage to the cartilage?

How can I tell if my nose will be ok? If there was bleeding and swelling after the accident, what are the chances I won't need corrective surgery... READ MORE

What's wrong with my nose? (Photos)

Hello everyone I had an accident years ago, and decided to go for an osteotomy rhinoplasty in 2014. It didn't work well, and so I had another one in... READ MORE

Fracture in DCF graph 12 days post-op solutions?

I had a revision bridge augmentation that required a DCF graph. Unfortunately, 12 days post-op, I had an accident that caused a dent in the graph. Are... READ MORE

What are my options to correct my nose shape? (photos)

I'm a 33 years old female. I had deviated nasal Septum as a result of an accident. At the age of 17 i was operated for DNS. Surgeon removed the... READ MORE

Looking to revise my contracture nose scar with NYC/LI Doctor and need recommendations. (photos)

Scar for 10+ yrs had facial reconstruction after car accident that included nose. Then had rhinoplasty where part of my rib was used to creat support.... READ MORE

Remove silicone and do Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had silicone implant in my nose ,1month ago.. I just had car accident this afternoon,bumped my nose and bleed. i went to the hospital,and had xray ... READ MORE

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