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Narrow Pinched Nose? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty in 2005, a bump on the nose was removed, but left the nose and tip of the nose a narrow and pointy had before surgery rounder shape... READ MORE

Removal of Cartilage Caused Scar Tissue Build Up?

About 7 years ago I had cartilage removed from the right side on my nasal passage. After all these years my nose still appears puffy on that side. Is... READ MORE

Hanging columella. Can it be pushed in?

I have already had 2 rhinoplasty a in my nose. However now 7 years later the columella is hanging down more and more. It's more prominent on the left... READ MORE

Can hanging columella & excess scar tissue be improved without a major surgery (local anesthesia or steroid improvement)?(Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty in '02 and a revision in '07. Both were open technique. I am happy with the improvements on my nose but not with the... READ MORE

Need Post-rhinoplasty Soft Tissue Adjustment in Tip of Nose, What Can Be Done? (Photos)

I had an open rhinoplasty 7 years ago to narrow my broad/poorly defined nose. No complaint with profile but doctor used a tip graft to create upturned... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Get my Bridge Back? (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty in 2005. My nose looks weird in pictures, when i smile my nose widens a lot and the bridge of my nose seems to dissapear. What could... READ MORE

Bump after revision rhinoplasty, 7 years post op? (photo)

My revision rhino was done beautifully in 2007. I had enough cartilage in my nose for my new dr. to build up my bridge with. He corrected bad tip... READ MORE

I feel my nose is too small after my primary, would like some opinions. (Photos)

Hi, I feel my nose is too small after my primary surgery 7 years ago. I was hoping to get over it but it is still bothering me. I felt may natural... READ MORE

l want to have only the left side of my nose corrected. Advice please. (Photo)

I had my 3rd rhinoplasty done in Manila, PH in 2008. The first two is foreign material and opted for cartilage nose job this time. I am very much... READ MORE

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