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Is Revision Rhinoplasty Possible for Me? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 2,5 years ago to remove the hump on my nose. The surgean did an overly aggressive operation so now I am left with a too concave... READ MORE

After 2 Rhinoplasties Nostrils are Uneven and I Have Breathing Issues, is it Possible to Still be Swollen After 3 Years? (photo)

I have had 2 Rhinoplasties the primary was about 3 1/2 years ago and the revision was about 3 years ago. Since my last revision I have had uneven... READ MORE

Can This Bad Revision Rhinoplasty Be Fixed? (photo)

It was supposed be simple revision ( I know no such thing) of droopy tip from profile . Front was pretty good. After revision it became worst from... READ MORE

Can I Have a Revision Rhinoplasty if I Have Developed Permanent Stiffness?

I had a Rhioplasty over three years ago, at the beginning the stiffness and swelling used to get better and worst and i thought that was normal but a... READ MORE

Had revision rhinoplasty, tip is straight but columella and nostrils are uneven. Prone to scarring, should I fix it? (photos)

Had revision rhinoplasty 3 years ago, I liked everything about the result except the columella which make it seem as if my nose is crooked, but from... READ MORE

I'm very unhappy with the results of my revision rhinoplasty, please help! (photos)

I'm very unhappy with the results of a revision rhinoplasty I had 3 years ago. The greater alar cartilage on the right side is lower than the right... READ MORE

Two Nose Jobs Thinking of a Third for a Bulbous Nose? (photo)

Ive had two nose jobs and both did not satisfy my needs. i spoke with a surgeon who said he could perform lipo on my nose skin to shrink it, at this... READ MORE

Pinched tip + tight thin skin + nostril asymmetry. Can it be fixed with revision to achieve a natural looking nose? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done three years ago. For the first year I was happy with it,cause it looked natural. Once the swelling went down I've developed a... READ MORE

Swelling Three Years Post Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello Doctors, I had an open revision rhinoplasty approximately three years ago. I am very satisfied with the results; however, I am still taping my... READ MORE

Deviated septum causing crooked nose? Columella question?

I had a rhinoplasty for a broken nose, now (3 yrs later) my tip looks very crooked to the left & my left side nasal valse is collapsed,a tiny hump in... READ MORE

Will my Doctor Fix my Crooked Nose?

I'm really nervious about seeing my surgeon who I have not seen in 3 years. I had my nose job when I was 21 and now I am 25. I was really... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision is Needed? (photo)

Hi everybody, In aug 2010 I had a rhinoplasty done. After one year my nose deformed into a polly beak nose, so I had another rhinoplasty done. But... READ MORE

Amlost 3 Years Past a Small Revision. Does It Seem Like There is Still Swelling There? Is This my Final Result? (photo)

I have undergone a small closed revision to the lower part of the nose almost 3 years ago.does it seem like i still have swelling? Please tell me if... READ MORE

Will I benefit from Tip Plasty? Not happy with my nose tip & flaring when I smile. (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago, but I am not happy with the outcome. When I smile my nostrils flare out and I hate the way it looks. Will I benefit... READ MORE

What needs to be done in order to get a more feminine/visually pleasing look to my nose? (Photo)

It's been about 3 years since my primary and I'm looking into getting a revision rhinoplasty. What techniques would need to be done in order to... READ MORE

Tip of the nose looks a little bit too narrow, how can this be fixed? (photo)

I had surgery 3 years ago. My nose's skin is very very thin and Im concerned about my tip being too narrow. Too "fake" looking. What should be done ?... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty/sloped nose/asymmetry. Would it be possible to bring the tip of the nose down? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago. I wanted to remove the hump and bring the tip of the nose a little bit up, because the tip columella was hanging down... READ MORE

Considering a revision due to round undefined tip and wide bridge

3 yrs post first. unhappy but concerned about risk of it being worse post revision..seeking professional opinions from surgeons who do revisions. thanks! READ MORE

Have been recommended an osteotomy for crooked nose - what do you think? (Photo)

Hello, I had a tip plasty back over 3 years ago, just the tip... my nose appears wonky so am hoping to get corrected. I originally thought it may be a... READ MORE

Almost every surgeon said that the tip of my nose can no longer be feminized at the tip? Had my local procedure in 2013 (Photos)

In 2013 I had a small local tip revision. reduce the bulbous look - now the skin has dropped and my knows looks like i have hook nose :(. I feel... READ MORE

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