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Upturned Pig-like Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had my Rhinoplasty surgery done 3 days ago and am very concerned about my nose now. I had a downward turned tip, which I asked to be corrected. but... READ MORE

Can an Ice Pack Applied 72 Hours After a Tip Revision Rhinoplasty Alter the Cartilage?

Hello. I had my cast removed 72 hours after a tip revision. i applied a small bag of frozen corn to my nose at the intersection of where the bone is... READ MORE

3 Days After Pushing Up Columella Surgery, Nose Looks the Same. When Will I See My Final Result?

Hi. I bit the bullet and got a small revision, pushing up a hanging columella. The surgeon said he pushed it up about 2.5-3 mm. I only needed tape on... READ MORE

When can I do rhinoplasty second time?

I just done with my rhinoplasty 3 days ago but it looks nothing different. I mean I wanted a bit tall but doctor did only brigde. I don't know what to... READ MORE

Heat and pain under rhinoplasty splint. Is this normal?

Hi. I am 3 days post revision rhinoplasty and can feel heat, tightness and pressure under the splint. Does this mean nasal callus is recurring? READ MORE

3 Days Post 2nd Rhinoplasty Hump Still There?

I underwent closed rhinoplasty to remove my nasal hump 3 days ago. Had done the same before 6 months but did not show good results so had to do it... READ MORE

Nose to drop after closed revision rhino depending on how scars heal?

I had closed revision rhino 3 days ago, where my nose was shortened by 4mm using 3 sutures (surgeon measured 4mm during the op). My nose is still... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - 3 days post op - Blockage in left nostril? Is this swelling or something to be alarmed over?

I just had a revision rhinoplasty a couple days ago - the purpose was to improve my breathing, fix a drooping columella and refine some of the tip. I... READ MORE

I finally had my revision rhinoplasty but worried about results. Will my nose be swollen as long as my first surgery?

Hi Docs I had my revision rhino 3 days ago. First op left me w/inverted v on 1 side & pollybeak due to lack of tip support & scar tissue formation... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty 3 days ago to shorten the tip and make it less wide. This is my 3rd one and hopefully last. (Photo)

My doctor told me to not touch the splint and just to tighten/ replace strips if they get lose. It's very swollen and dried up. He told me not to... READ MORE

Columella tuck, what could have caused this indentation in my nose? (Photos)

3 days ago I had a minor Collumella surgery under local anesthesia which took less than 15 mins. My nose tip is still stiff and numb. After the... READ MORE

3 days post nose tip revision - warm sore and red tip. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am three days post nose tip surgery and the tip of my nose has become red and warm. Anything to worry about? Is the tape too tight? Due to Public... READ MORE

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