Zoom Really Worked for Me and No Pain!

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I had my teeth zoomed on the 17th August in Mexico...

I had my teeth zoomed on the 17th August in Mexico and am so glad I never read any reviews regarding Zoom because I would have been to scared to get it done! I was on holiday in Cancun Mexico,had been to wal-mart to get some ear drops for my son when I walked past a dentists and took a leaflet which was outside. I had been wanting to get my teeth whitened but is expensive in the UK,so when I see how cheap it was I booked an appointment.The dentist did the whole procedure,cleaned my teeth,protected them,then zoomed them and at no point was I in any pain.There was a point where it got a bit intense but was bearable.The result was superb,so very happy and can honestly say I now have the teeth I had when I was 16 pre tea,coffee,red wine and cigs! He told me not to have any of these things for 72 hours or would stain which made sense.I did get one tiny burn on my gum right at the front but it healed within a few days.I hope they stay like this.The dentist was great spoke English ok,trained in the USA and really seemed to know his stuff.I will definitly be going back.

Zoom 2nd time

I had zoom again 5 years after Mexico which I had a great result from but after having dental implants and washing out mouth with cordisol my teeth have discoloured. Yes I have the trays and bleech but no patience so I had it done again in London. Looked good after but 3 weeks later my teeth ate definitely not as white but the dentist did say I should keep using the trays!
DR.MILLAN VALDIVIA Dental art centre Tel:(984)873-2819

Dr. gave me lots of information before hand on the different whitening treatments he offered and the results I could expect.He did the whole procedure himself in his clean,modern,comfortable surgery with relaxing music in the background which helped make it a pleasent experience.Iv had no pain or sensitivity.

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