Worth It... but OUCH!

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I found a groupon.com Zoom special for $189 and...

I found a groupon.com Zoom special for $189 and couldn't pass it up. I'm getting married soon and thought it would be a great idea to have pretty whites for the photos. I didn't read any reviews so I had no idea that it could be painful. Note: I hate dental work, so I took a Xanax before going... The prep was easy, a little boring but I had tv to watch and my ipod to listen to. So once you get started they have you in some sort of a plastic bite block thing and then they cover your gums with gauze and put chapstick on your lips. Next, they lower the UV light and it hovers directly over your teeth for 15 minute sessions. For the first 10 minutes I was totally fine but within the last 5 minutes of the first session I noticed a little bit of a pinching feeling (zingers as they call it) in the nerves in a few of my teeth. Not interollerable, just kind of annoying. I had a few minutes to break after the first session and then the second session began. Holy @#$%! After about 5 minutes I was white knuckling the chair, drenched in sweat with tears in my eyes. The zingers that other people have mentioned started slowly and then began ricocheting through my mouth like firecrackers. I held out for another couple of minutes but couldn't stand the pain anymore. I rang the little bell they had left for me and had them take it off asap. They kindly put on the pain relief gel (kind of helped), gave me excedrin and then the dentist came in and numbed my lower mouth (thank god!) with novocaine. The novocaine was a life saver because the pain was nasty. Bottom Line: For me it was ridiculously painful - BUT my teeth look fantastic even though I didn't finish the entire session. I would do it again if I had a painkiller (i.e. vicodin) beforehand.

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Everyone has different pain toleration... I was in more pain than others and Dr. D staff took great care of me. My teeth look fantastic now!!

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