Zoom Whitening Hurt and Tooth Color Worse!

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I had Zoom done 2 weeks ago while getting some...

I had Zoom done 2 weeks ago while getting some other dental work. It was solely based on vanity -- having brighter teeth (to look younger) because the whitening strips take so long and I was undisciplined in using them. There was no other reason.

The other dental work was painless, but the Zoom made my teeth ache to the core. I thought I'd scream in the chair. The intense pain subsided a couple of hours later and lessened throughout the night. The teeth looked white and great! I did not take in anything stain-producing for 24 hours. Over the past 10 days, and particularly a few days ago after having a glass of red wine, I now have a gray-color on one incisor and the adjacent top front tooth that looks horrible. I have started to use a whitening tray but I'm not seeing any improvement and I have no idea of the cause, or how to remedy it. Is all my enamel gone? Does anyone have any ideas? My dentist is 12 hours away, so I can't exactly pop back into his office for a consultation.

Dr. Luis Alonso Garcia, LG Dental Office

Dr. Garcia replaced 2 old bridges and a crown that are beautiful, comfortable and painfree, and cost 1/3 less than in the U.S. With a lab next door, these replacements were turned around overnight. I had a very positive experience with him and his staff. The Zoom whitening, however, was a mistake it was my fault because I requested it and failed to do any research beforehand.

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