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I read a lot of these reviews and I think the...

I read a lot of these reviews and I think the problem for most people is their dentist's lack of experience about the procedure.  I had moderately yellow teeth beforehand, and drank a lot of coffee, which I think made me a better candidate for Zoom than people who have mild tints on their teeth (in which case you wouldn't notice much of a difference afterwards).  I've also had sensitive teeth my whole life (mainly to cold drinks and foods), and although I experienced some MILD sensitivity during Zoom, it was nothing more than I would already experience by eating ice cream, and the sensitivity diminished soon after (by the next day I was fine). 

Really, just make sure you know and trust your dentist and dental staff--you can usually tell when doctors truly care about their patients and when they don't (and I've had plenty of experience with doctors who don't). 

I definitely wouldn't recommend this if you only have mild yellowing because of the expenses.  Those people are much better off doing the tray whitening system (which is what I now do for any necessary "touch-ups"), which is cheaper and will probably be just as effective for you (since it's mild).

I had Zoom done almost 2 years ago and I noticed an immediate difference that I absolutely loved.  I've done one touch-up since then, not because the stain returned to how it was originally, but because I was going to be in a friend's wedding and wanted my smile to look its best.  Honestly, as long as you're willing to find a good dentist (which may be pricier than others), and you have more than mild yellow staining on your teeth, I would hands-down recommend Zoom.  It's the easiest thing in the world to sit in a chair for an hour and a half and suddently have a white smile.  During the procedure I was able to listen to music or watch TV (they have TVs in the exam rooms for the patients at my dentist).

So final thoughts: do your research on your dentist and you should be good to go.  Good luck!

North Carolina Dentist

He (and other office staff) took the time to sit down with me and go over the procedure fully, including the pros and the cons, and what to expect in the future.

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