I Was Pleased, but No Way Should You Do This for Mild Stains or Yellowing

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I had severe discoloration as a result of staining...

I had severe discoloration as a result of staining after orthodontia, natural ivory and yellow color of my teeth, and coffee and tea use. The dentist who performed Zoom was a different doctor than the one I usually see at this practice. To give you an idea of the extent of the discoloration, she kept saying that she thought I had staining from tetracyline, and I had to keep reminding her that that was not the case.

At first, I was appalled with what I saw after the procedure. The dentist warned me that this was not the final result, but my teeth looked blotchy and discolored. After a few days it resolved. I was not diligent about following up with the trays and bleach, because it was too painful. I started using Crest white strips as a follow up. That worked fine.

As for pain, I did not find the procedure itself painful, maybe a little uncomfortable. Afterward, that is a different story, and I'm in full agreement with people who felt the degree of pain was misrepresented. I was going to work afterward, and it was very difficult. This is only something you should consider if you have severe discoloration.

My teeth are not snowy white, BTW, and that is OK -- it still made all the difference in the world. Now there is a basis for regular maintenance with Crest white strips and whitening toothpaste. But I was appalled when I caught the tail end of one of those makeover shows and they sent the subject in for Zoom.

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