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New dentist's office staff kept commenting that my...

New dentist's office staff kept commenting that my teeth could really benefit from the ZOOM procedure, that is, if I didn't want to mortgage my home for veneers. After hearing this a few times I agreed to have it done. I understood that my teeth would be a little sensitive. I wish that I had read these reviews before undergoing the procedure. I was uncomfortable after the first 15-20 min. treatment, and like a idiot, I just sat there and let the hygenist put me three more treatments. I was hurting before I left the dentist's office, however, I justified what was then "discomfort" after seeing the whitened teeth.
I got a little nervous when the hygenist mentioned taking a couple of ibuprofen for pain, if I needed it, and to keep the mouth guard in, which contained an analgetic,for at least 30 minutes.
Just as others wrote, the pain intensified and I found nothing that relieved it. I even dug into an old bottle of Percoset that I'd had since 1998, when I had a hysterectomy. Nothing helped, however by the next morning, the pain had subsided to an "ache". I was told to eat only white foods for 2 days, which I did. I was told to try, after two days, to continue the whitening process by using the bleach in the mouth guard. I tried this, but discontinued it, as it really causes pain. I think the process was a mistake for me. As others have mentioned, the whitening results are fleeting.

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