NOT Worth It!

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Before reading any further, please take note,...

Before reading any further, please take note, ZOOMING YOUR TEETH IS NOT WORTH IT! (For a number of reasons). After going thru 9 months of Invisilign to correct a small gap between my two from teeth, my dentist recommended Zoom. The preparation was long, but not uncomfortable. Trays filled with bleaching gel were placed in my mouth, then followed up with four, 10 minute segments with the Zoom light. By the 2nd segment, i was beginning to feel some sensitivity which felt like a needle shooting thru my tooth. By the 3rd segment I was feeling those sensitivity "pings" in two teeth, by the 4th segment I was practically in agony, feeling as if I wanted to jump out of the chair! After making it through the entire procedure, my dentist showed me the mirror, and honestly under those flourescent office lights my teeth looked GREAT! Driving home, I had to stop at the local pharmacy to buy Orajel tooth desensitizer, the pings going thru my teeth were unbearable. My teeth looked great, but only for a day or two. By the 2nd day afterwards, the sensitivity went away, and unfortunately so did the whiteness. I wouldn't recommend this process at all. For $750, and pain, with such short term results -- it's not worth it! I would recommend the at-home, professionally made bleaching trays. When i feel as if i need a whitening boost, i use my trays for 2 hours a day for 2 or 3 days and the results are great (without the pain and cost of Zoom). Hope this helps anyone who's on the fence trying to decide whether or not to go thru with the Zoom treatment. I never write into blogs, but feel so strongly about this. If I can save even one person the pain and expense, then its worth it! Good luck :)

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