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Two weeks before the actual treatment, I was given...

Two weeks before the actual treatment, I was given a fluoride paste to make my teeth less sensitive during the procedure and also did the molding for the trays.
When I went in for the procedure, the hygienist and the dentist were very accommodating. They made sure to cover everything but my teeth and also put loads of "sunblock" on my gums and lips. The hygienist stayed in the room for about half the time but was readily available and also gave me a pen and notepad in case I needed to communicate. The procedure itself wasn't horrific but definitely not something I want to do again. It was uncomfortable and I felt pressure against my teeth. After the first two sessions, the little bit of gum between my top front teeth started to get really sensitive, but since I have a teeny gap, I can understand that they might not have been able to cover it (it bled the next day).
I'm a college kid but I don't drink coffee and try to stay away from dark drinks so my teeth weren't that bad to begin with, but I didn't really see that much of a difference. I was told that my teeth were a shade 3 and after the procedure they were a shade 1. I think they look the same in the mirror/personal pictures, but they took before and after Polaroids and I saw a difference but nothing too astounding nor Hollywood-like. Maybe if I were a smoker and coffee drinker it would have been worth it, but not right now.
I was given extra gel for touch ups and fluoride, but after the first time I did the gel at home, I felt a really sharp pain and I'm a wuss when it comes to pain, so I haven't done it since.
It's been probably two months since I've done it and my teeth still feel weird. They're not sensitive to hot or cold, but it just doesn't feel the same.

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