Inhumane Torture

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Had the most painful side effects after a...

Had the most painful side effects after a procedure I've ever experienced. Would not recommend this.

First off my gums were shielded. Had a slight burn & the dental assistant adjusted the shielding. That went away.

But it was afterwards, within 30 min. of walking out of the office, the most unpredictable shooting pains began. They intensified, over the course of the next 6 hours. I cried, I jumped. They seemingly came out of nowhere, unbearably scary. The shooting pains lasted anywhere from a couple of seconds to 10 seconds. The most torturous pain imaginable. They slowly subsided overnight. Had less the day after.

My teeth had never been whiter. Nor had I ever gone through such pain.

In the past I've had 8 teeth pulled, jaw & chin surgery, a bone marrow biopsy & an emg (where needles were stuck in all over my body to test for nerve functioning). This teeth whitening after effects pain topped all of them.

Be forewarned: it's not worth the pain. It's several months later. My teeth have resumed their normal coloring. I've have custom made whitening trays. But I'm too afraid to use them. I don't want more "sensitive" to pain teeth. Every once in awhile these shooting pains return.

Worst of all, the dental hygienist announced today, I have dehydrated teeth. My teeth are worse off now than ever before.

I only have a few regrets in life. This is one of them. That I didn't research this well enough before I did this. Find another method of teeth whitening, for pain's sake.

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