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It is now three days after my treatment and my...

It is now three days after my treatment and my gums look like I swallowed acid! I was given no documentation and told nothing about how painful it would be. Before I had my teeth whitened with zoom, on the very same day, I had two build ups for crowns...needless to say, that was going to painful in itself when the deadening wore off. Well heck, I wish I had been deadend everywhere! When I got up to leave and expressed how bad my mouth felt the office manager offered to call in some pain meds. I have had four brain surgeries and they were nothing compared to this!

The next morning I woke up to no top layer of skin on my gums. I went into the dentist and showed them my gums to see if this was normal. One said I had had an allergic reaction to something I had eaten! WTF!!!!! The other said Oh my! I will get the dentist. He looked at my gums and said my gums had been sunburned. Ya think! And I had to pay for this?

Now again as I said three days later, my teeth aren't as white as they were the first day. All I have drank has been clear liquids. They said they would redo the canine tooth becaue they are hard to whiten. Is this true? But even if it is...like hell would have to freeze over before I would sit in the chair and let them sunburn my gums off again.

Shouldn't I have been told of this before the torture? I think someone should let the military in on this torture secret for use on hostages.

I do want to add...my dentist didn't do the procedure...the D.H. did. Maybe that makes me the stupid one. What a hard pill to swallow.

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