Zoom Should Be Taken out of the Market!

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Hi! I want to tell my story because I do not want...

Hi! I want to tell my story because I do not want other people to have the same experience as I did.

My teeth were somewhat yellow and the dentist told me they would be white for 5 years if I had Zoom. It was the worst 1:20 of my life, very painful specially the last 2 segments of the treatment, it was as if someone had connected a battery to my mouth, but I continued thinking no pain no gain.

The day after the treatment my teeth looked really great and the pain was mostly gone I was very happy, but they told me not to eat anything except white things for two days, so I did that for four days and I always washed my teeth thoruoghly after every meal.

One week later it was like if nothing had ever happened, except that I had thrown 500 dollars down the toilet, despite following ALL the recomendations by the manufacturer of Zoom, my teeth looked exactly as before the treatment, I began to think that all the treatment does is dehydrate the teeth so they look whiter, so the effects lasts less than a week.

I feel completely betrayed by my dentist so, no matter what you see in advertising don't do it, I do not want to say I told you...

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