Zerona Treatments - Greensburgh, PA

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I had zerona treatments done by a local...

I had zerona treatments done by a local chiropractor and they don't work. I had to go on a diet for 2 wks before I started my treatments. I had 6 treatments and they said I lost 3 inches all over. I didn't feel any difference. My jeans still fit the same. He asked me all kinds of ???, I even took some kind of eye test. Don't know what that was for. I had to stay on a diet and now I had to exercise for 1 month. I went through 6 more treatments. Still nothing. Now we did blood work and he said I have high leptin levels. And now a month later I am to have 3 more treatments. If leptin has something to do with this, which I doubt. Why didn't we do blood work in the beginning before I spent 2500.00. I would love to get my money back but it would take several people to get together...

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If you like to throw your money away, go ahead. I don't, I work too hard for my money. Zerona in my opinnion is a scam!!!

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