Your Injector Matters!

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I have been a loyal Botox user since it first came...

I have been a loyal Botox user since it first came in vogue. I was living in California at the time and everyone was getting it done. I first tried it at a “Botox Party” along with my best friend and have been getting it faithfully ever since. My husband and I divorced last year which led to me moving out and eventually moving away from Cali. This meant I had to find a new injector too. In California my injector was a lady running a beauty spa but I think she was one of the first people to try Botox and take on a lot of patients successfully. She may have been the reason it was successful for all I know; her office was always full. I found a new injector at a clinic here in Chicago but really wish I hadn’t. I tried her for the first time last month and the injections hurt more than they should. By the time I got home my face had swelled (this NEVER happens). In a few days, not only could I frown like usual and get the lines to appear but also my face was STUCK in a frown! It was horrible! I felt very lumpy and angry-looking... well, I AM angry! The lady offered to reinject me but I’m not that crazy. I will wait for it to wear off and go elsewhere next time. It just goes to show you – your injector matters! If you’re happy with someone then stay with them. You’ll be glad you did. Now I need to find someone in Chicago who does Botox as well as they do it in California!
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