25 Year Old First Time Correcting Teeth Alignment - Little York, NJ

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The major issue is the spacing. I have a little...

The major issue is the spacing. I have a little crowding on the top left and gaps on the bottom right and top right which seem to be caused by a baby tooth that never came out. The plan is to straighten and allow enough space to cover the baby canine with a crown. Currently, I'm on my 2nd aligner out of 24 so I have a long way to go. The next appointment I will get my engagers. The zero and phase 1 aligners rubbed against the connective tissue but with the 2nd aligner I haven't have to file them down or anything. Drinking luke warm water helps especially when switching aligners. Photos to come

1c aligner. 4 engagers added a week early

Went last Thursday for a teeth cleaning. I still had a week left for my 1B buy my aligners are already pretty loose. So my dentist decided to add the 4 planned engagers. The first few days taking put the top an bottom was rough. I always drink warm water before taking them out from the back. Now they comfortable.
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