Yes It Was, I Would Have Done It Again

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I have had two 'nose corrections' done. The first...

I have had two 'nose corrections' done. The first was almost 5 years ago and I have had a revision almost 2 years ago. Before I made the decision however, I did a lot of research. I decided only to let the best plastic surgeon with a lot of experience do the work. I had read too many horror-stories about rhinoplasty that went wrong.

The pro's :

-I am definitly happy with the results when I compare them to what my nose used to look like. For that matter I would have done it again if I would have gone back in time.

-The results are very subtle, even to my family, that it still looks naural. To me it was a great change. Looking in the mirror everyday I still enjoy the results and sometimes I forget how it was. When I see an old picture of myself I am reminded again.

-I did not experience any pain at all. Only a slight numb feeling in my upperlip.

-If done well, you will have a lifetime of enjoying the results. You might even forget how it looked before over time.

The con's:

-I am not extremely rich and for a student, the costs are pretty high. Then again, I was willing to pay for the best who was available in my country and I have no regrets.

-For me and most people, perfection is not what you should expect, unless there is very very little that you are dissatisfied about. A second nosejob was requiered for me.

-The healingtime is at least two weeks, and before you see final results, a couple of weeks to months have gone by. Of course there is always some bruising/swelling.

-During th healingperiod I had to sleep almost in a sitting position with a big bandage. Forget about going outside that first week!

I did it because I did not like the way my nose looked. That's it. My family and friends are sceptic about plastic surgery. Some invest thousands of dollars (euro's in my case) on clothing, shoes and shopping. I decided to invest in my appearance and I am enjoying my decision every day.

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In my country he is the most experienced one. He has performed thousands of rhinoplasty-procedures and revisions. He did it quickly and good.

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