Fraxel Repair for Stretch Marks - Yerevan, Armenia

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I have tried several methods for easing the look...

I have tried several methods for easing the look of my stretch marks. In the past, I had four treatments of the Fraxel Re:store laser (Erebium laser), and the re:store laser did not work. However, I recently had two treaments of my 16 year old white stretch marks with the Mixel Co2 fractional laser (the South Korean equivalent of Fraxel Re:pair). I can say that my stretch marks have improved drastically after only two treatments. And I am planning on getting more treatments done. Whereas my stretchmarks have not complete dissapeard, the depth of several of my stretch marks have lessened. In addition, several of my stretch marks have now blended in with the surrounding skin. There is an overall improvement!

Fractional CO2 laser is a miracle laser that works wonders for stretch marks when combined with several aggresive treatments. I can't believe that there is finally a treatment for stretch marks that work! After 16 years of waiting, medical technology has finally come to the rescue!

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