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Hello I have been a else patient since 2008. I...

Hello I have been a else patient since 2008. I started my journey when I was 18 and the lap band 10 year studies had not yet come out yet. I thought the band was my best choice. I was obsessed with knowing everything I needed to know about the procedure and how to take care of myself and use my tool.

I am a twin and my sister has always been to and I have always been heavey. I was active through school with swimming, cheer leading (mascot) and other various activities. I was prom queen and always happy. One day someone had said to me that they were so happy to see a big girl be prom queen. I started changing my life from that point forward.

I started with the local WLS center and had a wonderful experience. I had my surgery after being approved by insurance in October of 08. The next years flew by the weight came off and I was placed on a billboard to represent the WLS. It had been 2 1/2 years and I had been at goal for 1 1/2 years so happy.

I was removed from insurance for a short time and that's when everything changed. One day I got I'll and from that point forward eating was really difficult. Finally in January of 2011 I was back on insurance and I went to the hospital in February I was unable to eat or drink anything. I lost too much weight and looked and felt horrible.

My band was removed immediately due to it slipping and completely blocking my intestines off. I healed for about six months and went to a different doctor for a revision to vertical sleeve. I have been really happy and never felt better!

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