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I went in to have a few acne scars filled after...

I went in to have a few acne scars filled after having done 6 Fraxels over the last 2 years. I was very happy with my results from the fraxel but still had a couple of deep acne scars that Fraxel alone would not fix.

When I talked to the Dr., he also recommended I have some Radiesse to help with my under eye troughs. I am 40 and never had cheek bones and so my under eyes and cheeks were showing a bit of age.

The first couple of days I was rather swollen. I liked what I was seeing but was praying that it would shrink down as it looked a bit fake to me. Fortunately after 48 hours the majority of swelling went down and I loved my results. It has now been 4 days and I look completely normal and natural only I now have a bit more fullness to my cheeks and under eyes.

The goal for me is not that I'm trying to look younger but trying to look healthier. Healthy at any age is attractive. Radiesse achieved that for me. I hope the results last as long as predicted.

The Dr. I went to is a board certified plastic surgeon and his practice revolves around non-invasive plastic surgery. Personally I would not trust this type of injection to just anyone who happened to take a work shop. There is a definite art and craftsmanship to this sort of procedure. Too much or too little or in the wrong place could ruin the balance and effectiveness of these injections. If your injector is not an artist, or hasn't done many of these procedures, you could be asking for trouble.

I would recommend Radiesse if you get it from the right doctor.

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

He is an artist and a board certified plastic surgeon who's entire practice is based on fillers.

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