Would Do Again, but Was More Than Uncomfortable

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I am now a month out from smartlipo on my upper...

I am now a month out from smartlipo on my upper and lower abs and flanks.

It took a good three days before I felt like I could go without pain pills. I thought I had pretty good pain tolerance, but maybe not.

The procedure itself was uncomfortable in some areas, and actually in my flank areas, it tickled and I was laughing.

I am very very pleased so far. I do have a ridge below my belly button which is getting better, but compared to what I was before, this seems very minor.

I now have a waist and I am now buying all new clothes because nothing fits. It is very exciting that I have dropped at least two jean sizes and clothes actually look nice on me. I would consider having more done, but I think I need more time to "forget" the pain that I went through, even though it has been very much well worth it!

Dr. Michael Martin

Dr. Martin spent 45 minutes on a private one on one FREE consult explaining everything about the procedure and what to expect. He never pressured me, just gave me the facts and realistic expectations. I would very much recommend Dr. Martin to anyone

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