Worth It. Definite Improvement

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I have a small area on my face with contour...

I have a small area on my face with contour issues (bumps and valleys).  The restylane improved it. I also had my lips plumped a little. I love the improvement. Definitely noticeable and makes a nice difference.

It was painful even with dental block and numbing cream. Maybe my dr. is a little rough. I had injections once with less pain but it was a different filler so I don't know if it was the injector or the filler. 

Things I do to prevent bruising: eat fresh pineapple, no alcohol for a few days before, take Arnica Montana and eat lots of dark green veggies. I bruised a little on one of the 3 sessions.  

At first I purchased just a 1/2 syringe.  Then when I went back to finish the syringe I needed to buy a second 1/2 syringe (would have been $575 if I had bought a full syringe the first time -- Restylane is manufactured in 1/2 syringes and full). 

Unfortunately, I have a few acne scars and the plastic surgeon said they were not deep enough or large enough to fill with Restylane so for now I'm stuck with those. 

This time when I went back for Restylane I ended...

This time when I went back for Restylane I ended up with a bump/nodule. I think it is because my doctor seemed rushed this time. It is disappointing to end up with noticeable nodules when the entire reason I pay for Restylane and go through the pain and hassle is to smooth out bumps I already have (silicone granulomas). I do think I will keep trying because I think it offers some improvement and usually he is patient and careful. 

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He is patient and he has a very nice, respectful demeanor. He really wants me to be satisfied and will treat over several sessions to optimize results.

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