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I had three peels over a period of three months,...

I had three peels over a period of three months, intermingled with microdermabrasion. It was part of a whole package that was reasonably priced and performed by a very professional aesthetician at a reputable dermatological spa. (I wouldn't recommend going to any other kind of establishment.) The first peel was very light, as I am extremely fair skinned. [My goal, by the way, was to rid myself of sun damage brought on by my honeymoon in Mexico---a burn that never fully went away and dark patches on my cheeks.] I handled it well, so the next peel was more intense. I had some scabbing as I left the office. It took a week or so to heal. The third treatment was similar to the second. Overall, my damage is pretty much non-existant now. I would recommend it to anyone, but urge anyone who is exploring this to find a reputable, consistent professional and have it done in a dermatologist's office. I went to Helendale Spa in Rochester, NY. They do stellar work and are very professional, friendly people. Just know---it is NOT a quick fix. In order to achieve maximum results a few peels over time must be administered. Also, beware that you will leave the office each time looking as if you've been sunburned. You may have some scabbing or little acid "holes" in your face. You can't pick at it, wither, or it will cause scarring. You have to be patient and expect a week or so of full recovery time. Also--do NOT scrub your face the next day, and for at least three days following treatment. You may feel as if your face is like sandpaper and you want to scrub it all off with a washcloth. DO NOT DO IT. this may undermine the entire process, as the acid "soaks into" your face over the course of 5-7 days. It is at work during that time and you should not interfere with the process for the full effect to take place. Some people (such as myself) don't even show noticable "peeling". It may come off unnoticed in the shower. For me, having microderm a few weeks after the peel took off all that old skin. It was miraculous---and I loved it! My package cost included: on a package that included 4 peels, 4 microderms, plus cleanser, toner, at-home chemical peel "booster" and fading lotions
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