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I am 61 year old male. Started exercising several...

I am 61 year old male. Started exercising several weeks in advanced of the Zerona treatments. Started taking Curva 2 weeks in advance of the treatments. I took 9 treatments that lasted 40 minutes each, totally painless (in fact you can take a nap) in a 12 day period. Had 4 treatments of Endermologie and after each Zerona treatment did Vibratrim for 10/15 minutes. Everyday during the treatments I jogged/ walked at least 30 minutes to just keep my heart rate elevated to clear the fat in my system. I ate well with some sweets but mostly very healthy. The results at the 12th day my weight went from 187 to 181 and the 4 measurements around my waist- I lost between 2" upper waist to 3/4" on the lower part of my waist. 3 weeks later, I cut back on the exercise have taken some Staminac pills that elevate my metabolism just a little and I am down to 179. I did not tell my wife I was doing all this and she wanted to know what I was doing. Now she is going to do Zerona.

Now 4 months later I have returned for my last 7 treatments and am in the middle of the process. I feel great. Just like last time in the middle of the process I was discouraged, but the real results start showing up at the end, so I just need to be patient. Something else I am doing at the end f this Zerona round is to do the ion cleanse. At the end of my 5th Zerona I did the ion cleanse and in the first 5 minutes the lady said to me wow this is all from the lymphatic system. Zerona releases fat into the body for the lymph system to process out of the body. So yes Zerona does work.

Body Benefits

If you are looking for a pain free, less radical, body sculpting supplement to a body cleanse, weight loss, healthy eating and exercise process its for you.

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