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It's been almost two years since my gastric sleeve...

It's been almost two years since my gastric sleeve procedure. I've lost over 100lbs and could lose another 20-30 possibly before plastic surgery. 4'9" HW was 258, CW155. Hoping to have a belt lipectomy, breast lift, arm and inner thigh surgery as well. I'm trying to determine when would be the most ideal time to have surgery based on weight, which surgery I would need (TT vs TBL), if I should keep working to lose more or keep stable. I've been at this weight for about 8 months. I'll post pictures soon. Just looking for more information!

Pictures Pre-op.

Just sent in pictures to a surgeon for the initial consultation. I am 4'9" and roughly 160-165. Although I know for BMI reasons I should be lower but I am very muscular. Also have a ton of skin! I would love to have a lower body lift, upper body lift (arms, breasts, upper back). I'm not sure if I should keep losing more weight or go for surgery!

Virtual Consultation

I've sent in my photos to a PS and am waiting for the response on his suggestions. I'm so nervous and I haven't even gone in yet. I'm worried I won't be a candidate yet and then I'm worried that I will be. I want to have the best outcome possible. Doesn't everyone? My family is supportive and are constantly saying it's time. Has anyone else felt this way? Like you aren't worthy of feeling better about yourself? Like you haven't done enough work to deserve it yet? I know I play these head games all the time. I should hear back within the week! Hopefully it's a positive response.


I had my actual consultation and automatically felt comfortable with the physician. I am without a doubt committed to Dr. Lomonaco! The surgery will take two steps. The first to do the lower body lift in the vertical fashion to help cinch in my waist and help the skin I have in the middle, he will also do some liposuction in my upper thighs and my lower arm/chest (think side boob almost) to assist in the second portion of the surgery. The second surgery will be a inner thigh and upper arm skin removal. The tricky part of everything for me is timing. I'm getting married in June and want to be healed by then. My goal is first surgery November and second in February. Hopefully it can be done. This is a costly procedure but I keep thinking, I spend money on everything else why not on something that will change my life and make me a happier person. It is the best option for me. I know the surgeon will have skillful hands and provide me with the best outcome. I can't wait.

Official Date!!

I have an official surgery date! I'm so excited to be continuing my journey! Dr. Lomonaco is very skilled and I have no doubt he will be great. November 29th will be here soon but not soon enough! I'm soooo excited!!!!!! I can't wait to see what happens. Any tips or suggestions about preparation or post op care are appreciated!

Two weeks till surgery

Next Monday is my pre-op appointment then 29th is surgery and I'm getting more and more excited/nervous. I sincerely can't wait. I wish I had scheduled it sooner! I know it's going to be great but my emotions have been all over the place. It's a giant change in my life. Being overweight my entire life to getting to this stage; it's really like losing a part of myself (no pun intended). In a good way but it is super scary. Every day I wonder what it's going to be like to look down and not see sagging skin. I hope it all turns out well. It's taken my a long time to appreciate the body I was given, I don't want to lose that mindset. Anyway! Today I'm going to do some prep work for food. Preparing small protein meals that are easily warmed (buffalo chicken bites and chicken enchilada bites) found on Pinterest for sleevers like me. More updates to come!

Final Days Pre-Op

Completed all the pre-op appointments and surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday (29). I am beyond excited and nervous!!!!! I had no doubt in the surgeons abilities but in my body handling it. I have some servers nausea and vomiting issues with anesthesia. He promises to do all interventions possible to prevent it and I surely hope he does. All my paperwork is in order for my work. I've bought some front closure PJs and the lovely Destiny in his office has given me the first garment I will be wearing post op. They provide you with two garments and put it on you before you leave the OR. We bought a recliner, not a lift version but it is electronic. I'm a very short person so I think we can manage with what we got. I've also gotten a female stand and pee thing- I think it was called the EZ-pee from Amazon, super cheap and I hear it's helpful. All other items I'm picking up this week- gauze, tape, alcohol wipes. I feel ready but I know I can't prepare for the pain. I'm just ready to be done with the skin. The holidays are here so it's a busy time for everyone! Can't wait to see what's happening in the next few months!!!


I'm here in the hospital patiently waiting for my doctor. I'm so ready!!!!

On the smooth side

So surgery is complete and I'm resting. It's a lot 1130pm day of. So far I'm doing wonderfully. I have always had a terrible reaction to anesthesia. Well today... none!!!!no vomiting, no dizziness! Literally the best experience regarding anesthesia. They used TIVA which is basically total iv anesthesia so little gas. Wonderful!!
Pre-opwas fabulous, he did the markings in less than 10 minutes and talked to my family. He is literally the most down to earth and easy going physician ever. I absolutely love him, my family loves him! I couldn't a chosen anyone better. Gave me verses, rolled me back after kissing my family and I remember being talkative about my fiancé. Fast forward to post op, pacu was great I only remember saying yes I'm hurting and then it being treated. I have a pain pump installed (so amazing) and a pca for pain. I'm relatively pain free. As for The garment, I'm sweating and I can't reach my ass inside there to wipe it off. Annoying but not
Tolerable. I'll keep updating as possible! Thank you all for your support!


I just got home and now it's day 2 post-op. My recovery so far has been awesome. Very minimal pain. All of the nursing care was perfect. Annita was definitely the best nurse. She was on top of everything I needed. I ended up getting a lot of liposuction on my flank areas, thighs and arms. My flanks are the most sore. And the insertion site of the drains. Ouch. Walking has been pretty good. I'm ready for a shower. My mom is going to be coming to help while my fiance is at work for the next few days. I haven't had any moments where I had the thought why am I doing this. I'm so happy with everything. I can't wait to see how my body transforms. I'm adding just a few pictures I was able to grab in between, I'll add more as I can get them!

Swelling and Itching

Sooo things are going relatively well. I have developed a small hematoma on my right side, large swelling and bruising there. Otherwise everything looks pretty good. Major issue for the last couple days is inability to sleep and severe itching. Like wildfire itching that I can't find or get to. So far I've only slept a couple hours at a time at night but can usually fall back asleep. By morning I feel good then evening I'm miserable. Swollen and itching and just miserable. Any tips??? I would appreciate anything!

9 days Post op

I've passed the week mark! It honestly hasn't been as painful as I thought it would be. The most annoying has been itching but I'm to the point now it's just the healing incision type itching (no longer the crazy itch as before). The drains will come out tomorrow! I'm super excited for that! They suck, no lie. The bruising is overall better and things are healing up nicely. I do have random stitches poking out in areas. I don't know if they will be removed or just dissolve... I'll ask tomorrow. I'm so ready to try on clothes and see what size I am! My pictures aren't great but I will get more tomorrow once the drains come out! I put some comparison pictures together. So crazy already!!!!


Little over 2 weeks PO. Surgery date was November 29th. I'm very pleased with everything so far! My only complaints in general are the inability to sleep well, and the burning type sensation all over my right hip and stomach. I'm only taking ibuprofen occasionally, rarely taking the pain medication. Everything is healing really well. I'm swollen still and by the end of the day I feel like a sausage in a casing but hey anything is better than before! If anyone is debating the worth- even just 2 weeks afterward I would say do it. I haven't even worn "real" clothes yet and I know my life has been changed! My pictures aren't great but hopefully you can see a bit of the incision and healing process. Ahhhmazing!!!!

Added picture!

Forgot to add the front view picture! Day 17 PO.

Try that again!

Apparently it just doesn't want to work. Let's try this again. PO day 17 front view.

4 weeks!

I've passed the 4 week mark. I will be going back to work after the new year. I have to admit I'm not excited about it. I'm a nurse in an ICU so I do a lot of activities, many include heavy lifting. I'm a little concerned but I know that I'm healed well enough I'm not going to rip apart or cause any damage to the beautiful work. The last few days I've had a cold then a stomach virus so that hasn't been pleasant at all. But even so I'm feeling great about the surgery and recovery process. I'm excited for the next stage. We have decided to include my breasts for the second surgery. After seeing the change and realizing they won't fit with my body it only makes sense to have them tightened up as well. So feb/march will be arms/legs/breasts. Whew that's gonna be tough!! Any advice out there for movement and recovery tips??

6 weeks PO

I made the 6 week post op mark! I am so excited!! I'm happy to report that I am back to work and it hasn't been terrible! I walk roughly 5-6 miles at work and bend, lift, move heavy things all the time and I've really been ok. The first day I was sore but each day has gotten better. I even had to do CPR for a bit and although I ran to the bathroom to check myself after it was all over, I did feel ok! I'm still waking up in amazement that this is my body. I can't wait for the second and last stage of my transformation. Hopefully the recovery will be as good as this one.


It's been slightly over 2 months since my lbl and liposuction. I really am doing great!! The "scab" I had at the lower T portion of my incision wasn't a scab apparently. It was some kind of stitch or hair that caused a tunnel. It never was infected, but it did take about 3 weeks to finally heal. I had to pack it twice daily and soap/water clean it. The next thing was my belly button- he said that the scar tends to stretch and harden, I could end up with no belly button! So I have to wear an "ear plug" in it and then transition to a marble! Weird!!!! I haven't taken new photos in quite some time but I can add the ones I took for the recovery process with the belly button thing and the tunnel. I'll take new pictures soon and add those in. My body feels like it's changing all the time.

My next surgery is scheduled also!! March 16. I decided on a breast lift, no augmentation, side of chest repair, brachioplasty and the inner thigh lift.
Whew! He said it would be another 6-7 hour surgery. I am more than ready!!!!

Arm lift/thigh lift/breast lift

Happening today! All the paperwork is done and preop appointments completed. We are waiting at the hospital to start the second and last stage of my transformation!

10 days post arm, breast, thigh lift

This recovery has been much harder physically and emotionally than my first surgery. I feel like every time something starts to get better another problem arises. 2 days post op I had bleeding into my left side of chest. We had to wrap my chest with ace wraps super tight and hope it stopped so I didn't have to go back to surgery. We did something right- i stopped bleeding but my side is still slightly swollen. During this time my right breast started swelling and filling with fluid on the lower part. The right breast has been drained twice. The left chest once. Both drains fell out. Right one at the hospital, the left at home. While output while small I was still having the swelling and bleeding. Kind of concerning but it's better. The right breast remains an issue. It's still swelling and filling with fluid. Yesterday a scabbed area came off and a yellow/bloody fluid came out, I initially thought yay maybe it'll just drain on its own. Then I squeezed it and some fluid that didn't look so clear came out. I'm going to send in those photos to him this morning. Onto next issue... my legs. I noticed it there was openings at both knees, small but fluid was leaking, we've been wrapping me tighter and it's better but remains an ongoing problem. The left corner connection has a small opening. My right groin has a hole that fluid has been coming out of. I can't tell if it's an ok fluid or if it's a potential infection. Next problem, arms. I had a small opening on the right armpit that we were dealing with. Last night I noticed a much larger opening in the left armpit. I am feeling very defeated. I cry everyday, very unlike me. I feel like I'm not healing well. I don't know what to do to make things better. I know I'm irritating my family. I just can't figure out how to be more positive, decrease stress on the incision lines, help with healing and make sure I don't develop an infection in any of the giant potential problem areas. I am way more uncomfortable this time and have taken more than twice the amount of medicine I took for the last surgery. Does anyone know of a garment that works for the arms, including armpit and upper chest area? And what's best for spanx type garment for the lower body? Thanks for listening to me vent!

3.5 weeks post op

On march 16 I had a breast lift with no augmentation, arm lift, side of chest, and thigh lift. Healing is slow going. Last Friday I had a follow up appointment. Luckily my surgeon has an ultrasound machine that they use to monitor for seromas. I've had on going issues with my right breast and fluid accumulations. They drained 36cc of fluid from it. Immediately after it looked like a different breast! As of now I can see where fluid is coming back. I'm not sure how long this is supposed to happen but they say it's semi normal. I also had a fluid collection in my left knee, that wasn't able to be drained. At this time I'm doing warm compresses and massaging it hoping it'll drain on its own. I do still have an opening there. Both arm pit holes are doing much better, not totally healed but better! And my right arm had two small holes but the stitches have come out of those areas on their own and healing. My recovery has been so difficult. Movement sucks but it's getting easier. I don't sleep very well, even with taking sleep aides. I'm supposed to go back to work on Sunday. I think it'll be ok but I know it won't be an easy transition. I do have a great support system at home. I couldn't have done it without my partner! I'm ready to be back to myself. I have stopped crying daily so that's good! Haha.

Picture updates

I realized I hadn't added any pictures! They definitely aren't pretty but can give you an idea of the process.

More pictures

More of the process of how things are going

4 weeks and a few days

Well I've made it back to work. Really tough week. Standing and reaching are difficult after having the legs and arms completed. I was feeling pretty unhappy with my progression thus far.. I knows it's early to be judging but gah it's hard not to. So I took some comparison pictures. I'm very proud of my transformation and can't believe where I was a few years ago. I'll never be the same. I'm a much happier person and I look quite a bit better I'll have to admit! If anyone is still wondering if the pain is worth it. It is. It might a rough road but whatever skin issues you're dealing with after massive weight loss; there is an option and it's so worth it.
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