34 Years Old, 2 Kids with Youngest Being 5 Months. 5'9" 130lbs-Cellulaze. The Woodlands, TX

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Day before my Cellulaze procedure. I'm pretty...

Day before my Cellulaze procedure. I'm pretty excited but also very nervous as to what to expect pain wise. The procedure will be performed on my front lower thighs (right above the knee area), both sides of both thighs and up the side of my buttock area and the back of my thighs.
I've been dealing with cellulite ever since I had my first baby 5 years ago. I'm a 34 year old mother of two kids (a 5 year old and a 5 month old). I'm finished having kids and decided that this was the right time to try this procedure. I've done lots of research of doctors in my area that have the Cellulaze machine and went on three different consults. I chose a Doctor close by in the Woodlands area. I will update with his name after I receive the treatment. I'm currently 5'9" and 130lbs. I usually weigh about 125lbs but after this second kiddo the last 5lbs have been hard to lose. I go to the gym on a regular basis about three times a week to do an hour long light weight but heavy reps body pump class. I'm hoping that my cellulite will be gone completely with this procedure but from what i've read i'll be happy to have about a 70% decrease in cellulite which i'd be more than happy with. I'll update with after pictures soon!

1 Day Post Op Update for Cellulaze on front thighs, side of thighs and back of thighs

The procedure went fairly easy with just a little bit of pain during the initial numbing process. I could still feel some burning/stinging sensations come and go during the procedure as the laser made it's way under the skin in certain areas. Day one post op has been pretty painless other than a few sore areas near the incision sites. Tonight was the first time i've taken off the compression tights and removed the bandages in order to take a shower. I was amazed at how little bruising I had because I tend to bruise really easily. There's still quite a bit of swelling around my knees and on the thigh area. As you can see in the front shot of the before photo I had what some call a "thigh gap" and in the after photo there's not much space between the thighs due to swelling. I noticed there was only really leaking at the incision sites above the front of both knees and at the back of the thigh. The other incision sites did not leave much residue on the bandages. I used dial anti-bacterial soap as the Dr. suggested and put on clean bandages and zipped back up my very tight compression leggings. I will so the most uncomfortable thing to deal with now is these compression leggings as with this continued swelling they are quite uncomfortable to wear. I head back to the Dr's on Monday for my one week post op check up. I will update again at my 2 week mark as that is when the Dr said I would be able to continue my work outs (i'm so looking for to getting back into the gym).

2 1/2 Weeks update for Cellulaze Treament on front, back and sides of thighs

So far the bruising is going away quite a bit and is more of a yellowing color now as oppose to the bright purple it once was. I still feel as if I have swelling in some areas mostly above the knee and parts of the side of the thighs as I don't have a whole lot of feeling there. As far as the scale goes I'm actually a few pounds heavier than when I started (130lbs at start and 132lbs now) I'd like to blame that on not being able to work out for 2 weeks and swelling weight :) I finally had my first work out right at the 2 week mark and it felt pretty good to get back into the swing of things. My doctor said I was able to take off the compression garment just to put on workout pants to work out for that time but to return back to the compression garment afterwards. I will say it is not comfortable at all wearing these compression garments under clothes. I was advised by the doc that I can purchase a pair of spanx in replacement if i'd like to which I eagerly did. The original compression garment from the Dr's office has a hole cut out of the crotch area so that you don't have to remove them to use the restroom. If it wasn't for the hole then I think they would be quite unnoticeable under clothing but with the hole you for sure can't wear this under thin fabric pants i.e. yoga pants for it shows the cut out. As far as my thighs go I notice a difference but I'm hoping for truer results once the swelling is completely gone. Time will tell :)

4 weeks post op update for Cellulaze treatment on back, front and side thighs

Still wearing these lovely compression tights 24/7 but they don't feel as tight as they use to which I hope means the swelling is finally going down. I have only very small yellow bruising here and there around the front of my thigh by the knee. Also, the small incision sites are starting to heal and i've been rubbing vitamin E on them each day to help prevent scarring. I still have very little feeling on both legs right above my knees which feels odd at times when I try to cross my legs or when my kids want to sit on my lap. I will say I can see a difference in the appearance of my cellulite and will say that it looks as if some spots have disappeared completely. So far any reduction in cellulite makes this treatment well worth it as i've tried every cream and topical treatment known with no luck in getting rid of it. I am still working out three days a week and trying to up my cardio.

2.3 Months update for Cellulaze on front, sides and back of thighs/buttocks area

I have noticed a decrease in cellulite and am so excited to start seeing results. I'm still numb right above the front of my knees which is crazy that it's taking that long to get feeling back in that area. I was told by the Dr. that it is normal and usually will take about 6 months to regain all the feeling again. I have lost about 4 pounds but I think that is because i've been busting my butt in the gym 3-4 days a week doing body pump classes. Trying to really get tone but I have a lot more work ahead of me to actually start shaping my legs/butt the way I want them to look. I'm currently 5'9" and 126lbs. For me it's not a matter of losing weight as i'm happy with my weight and it really doesn't change often besides the fact I had my second child exactly 8 months ago. For me it's more of a toning issue and my upper thighs/butt area has always been the first area to show fat. So with that said I'm happy this surgery is starting to show some results! I was told the complete results will be shown around the 6th month so i'm pretty excited to know that this is not the best it will get. :) I will update again around month 4!
The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

Was very honest about the expectations during my initial consult. His assistant was very helpful and stayed an additional time to answer all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the procedure. They also made sure I had proper measurements taken so that the two compression garments they were going to give me fit perfect.

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