Invisalign - Not Worth the Money Spent -Woodland Hills, CA

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Went to a well recognized dentist and spent the...

Went to a well recognized dentist and spent the big bucks to fix a small overlap in front teeth. After 17 trays and over a year of treatment my overlap in front is the same. I also have some gaps between teeth that I didn't have before. I'm more worried now about my teeth than before. Now I've been told this is the best it would fix my teeth, and what does that mean? After spending thousands and thousands of dollars I'm left with the same overlap and more extra gaps that I didn't need? I would not recommend invisalign to anyone. I asked couple of people who are attending different dentist office and the reaction was the same. When you begin the procedure they say one thing and tell you how good of a decision you made to fix your teeth and it'll be a perfect set of teeth with a beautiful smile. A year after when you point out what you desired is not happening the story changes, and answer is " I don't know...I can't tell may not move anymore..." and so on and so forth. It's advisable to get braces as you know, it'll somehow fix your teeth!
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