52 Years Old, Always Looked Young for my Age....NOT ANYMORE - Woodbury, NY

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I have been thinking about this procedure for a...

I have been thinking about this procedure for a few years. I had my first consultation about 2 years ago at which time I knew I would be going forward with the surgery and with Dr. Madnani. I am now ready and have scheduled my procedures (lower facelift, upper bleph and CO2 laser resurfacing) for early February 2017.
My main concern is not the actual procedure but the scarring, if any, that will remain.

Getting closer

Had my pre op on Monday. We have decided to do a deep plane lower lift and a neck lift with some CO2 laser around my lips and eyes.
I am nervous but very excited!
Will post pictures

Starting to freak out

There are eight days to go before my surgery. I am really beginning to freak out. I'm concerned about postoperative pain and being awake during my surgery. My doctor performs the surgery under local anesthesia. At the time i thought it would be a good idea NOT to be put out but now I am having second thoughts. Being awake concerns me. Will I feel it? Will the smells bother me?
I am also concerned about post operative pain as we are going deeper and doing a deep plane lift. I keep hearing that the healing takes longer with this type of lift and I am only taking off 9 days from work. I hope it's enough time to heal and look decent enough to be in public, see clients and do my job.
I guess my concerns are normal but I can't wait for it to be over so I can begin recuperating.
Has anyone else had these concerns??

Some before pics

Today was the day

All went well. I am in a great deal of pain today. Trying to keep an open mind and know it's only temporary. Taking my pain meds.
The dressing is uncomfortable and extremely tight but will be changes tomorrow which can't come soon enough !
Will,post more pics and updates soon.

Day 2 post op

Had the dressing removed today and felt a big relief.
I am still extremely tight, swollen and bruised and having difficulty chewing so I am sticking to liquids for now.
Thus surgery is no cake walk but excited to see my results.
Being awake for the surgery is very odd. You feel pulling and tugging but not pain, the pain comes after.
I'm resting as much as possible.

Day 3

Sleeping Is difficult on my back. Pain and swelling on each side of neck is awful. My neck is so tight I feel like I have the tightest of corsets around it; strange feeling!
I think they say the swelling will get worse before it gets better and so far it's the truth.
No regrets just impatience. I want to be out of pain,

Day 4

Swelling is getting worse. Tightness in my neck is uncomfortable but to be expected. Today it is about 10% better. Most bruising is on my neck.
Not taking pain meds just Tylenol but I do take something to help me sleep as I find it very difficult to sleep on my back.
Eating mostly soup, cottage cheese and smoothies
Trying to drink water as much as possible.
Can't wait for the swelling to start subsiding!

Day 5

Feeling better today. Bruises on neck are turning a lovely shade of yellow. Still a lot of swelling by ears and on cheeks. Wearing compression bandages all the time except for when I shower.
Able to open mouth a bit wider but still cannot chew anything that is too tough I.e. steak, bagels etc.
Trying to drink a lot of water as I think this will help reduce swelling.
Will not be leaving the house anytime soon except for Monday when I get my stitches removed.
Just not feeling like I want to be seen yet.

Celebrating one week post op

Today I get my stitches removed! It's been a tough week, I'm not going to lie but each day there is definitely an improvement.
My profile is looking great! I still have a great deal is swelling on neck, by the ears and on mandible.
Finally put on some makeup so I look presentable for my first outing.
All in all I am pleased with the progress and will see what the doctor says in a few hours.
Here are some pics. The circles on cheeks are where I had some laser. I didn't want to put makeup on those spots yet.

Stitches out and feeling relieved!

Just got home from the surgeons office with a thumbs up and some great news....I DO NOT have to sleep on my back anymore! Yippee! This was honestly the most difficult part for me so far. I am so NOT a back sleeper!
Doctor Madnani is pleased with my healing and how I'm looking only one week out.
Every day things get better and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I will not lie and tell you that this is a cake walk, it is not! A deep plane facelift and neck lift are quite invasive and not to be taken lightly, albeit if I knew how uncomfortable I would be, I may not have chosen to do this so in retrospect, it's better I was a little naive. Lol.

Close up of ears after stitches removed

Day 8

Hmmnmmm.....patience! I need a dose! Being home all day has me staring in the mirror constantly picking myself apart. I wish I could snap my fingers and fast forward a few months when hopefully my swelling will be gone.
For now I have to remind myself to take one day at a time. It's difficult but I'm trying! Any thoughts?

More pics

2 weeks out

Doing better every day. Swelling although still there, has really lessened.
Had to have my neck aspirated as there was fluid build up and felt much better afterward.
Incisions are healing well. Starting to look and feel like myself again :)

More pics

3 weeks ago today

Well it's been 3 weeks and I must say, what a difference!!!
I feel like a different person from last week.
I can see now how time really does heal.
As promised, I am posting some pics of my scars. They are already almost non existent. I am very pleased. Still numb by ears and under chin but I'm ok with that for now.

1 month ago today

Couldn't be happier. No issues other than numbness which is to be expected.
Scars are healing nicely.
Makeup shopping is fun!
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fell in love with Dr. Madnani from the moment I met him. Sweet, softspoken , professional and kind. He is always available whether it is a phone call, text or to make a special trip to see me in person. It is so important to have an understanding Doctor who will hold your hand and put you at ease every step of the way! I am so happy that I chose him as my surgeon and grateful for the way his caring and concerned nature is making this process easier for me. Do not hesitate to choose him as your surgeon! You will be in great hands!

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