Horrifying Experience, my Life is a Nightmare Now! - Vienna, VA

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After Dr Tavallali surgery I have been transferred...

After Dr Tavallali surgery I have been transferred to ER. Two days in ER he did not diagnose bacteria infection, and discharged me with high fever that has been treated with high dosage of medicine. CT Scan showed bubble around my colon and unfortunately the hole in my colon and necrotizing fasciitis destroyed massive amount of tissues and muscle and I lost almost 70% of my abdominal wall. following up Dr Morad Tavallali surgery I went through 18 surgery in Shock Truma in Maryland and 13 surgery to reconstruct my abdominal wall. I am handicap for the rest of my life, very slow motion life. I lost my ascending colon, my Gull bladder has been removed and my entire abdomen and back and right side of my body are disfigured. A total of 32 surgery left me with a horrifying nightmare from this horrendous experience with this irresponsible Doctor Morad Tavallali!!! I am devastated and destroyed emotionally, physically and I lost my confident for the rest of my life. Please be happy with your look and don't trust this doctor. He fight for money to destroy you and has no feeling toward a patient that lost her life. I trusted him and in response he destroyed my life. Total cost including his surgery and following up his surgery almost $800.000 and he did not ever return my money back after failing. I took the case to court and lost because his insurance company lawyer proved that the hole in my colon was created by bacteria!!! and Doctor was not responsible to treat me for infection after his surgery. unfortunately I lost in court, but I hold my head up for one fact, I am innocently victimized and survived after this terrible tragedy of my life.
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very poor

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