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I feel badly that my parents had to spend money on...

I feel badly that my parents had to spend money on braces as a kid, however, Im sure my teeth would be in much worse shape if I had not received them as a kid. I always had spacing in upper teeth and my bottom teeth were virtually perfect, but as time went on, there was a slight overlap on one tooth on the bottom. Anyways, the spacing came back over time after not using a retainer and I became really self-conscious about my smile! One day I woke up and decided just to go to a consultation and the ortho said it would be an express case with 10 trays. Took me about three weeks to get my trays and now Im on my 8th! I know im posting this late in the game, but I figured I could share my results now. I still have tiny, tiny spaces in my teeth but I am almost certain that by the time I get to my 10th tray, it will all be closed up. I notice if I take out the tray, all of my teeth are actually touching for a few min and it opens up slightly if they are out for more than a few minutes. But my ortho says its going very well to where I dont even need to go to all my appointments, probably because my case was easy. However, I do feel more confident in my smile and only 6 more weeks of treatment! (2 trays after this one)Yay!! As far as pain goes, I remember the 1st tray was so tough that I didnt even want to take them out for a few days and I never had any more pain until the 8th tray, that one still hurts! Eeek! But at least its working! :)

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