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Wonderful and thankful

Breast Augmentation

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16 Oct 2016

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Wonderful and thankful

14 years ago Dr aiello performed a saline breast augmentation 595 cc's.. they were lovely and I nursed two children since then. A few months ago I realized I really wanted siilicone gel as the saline has side rippling and after two children I was nolonger a lean size 6. In consulting with his staff they recommended the rice test wich I found very helpful. With no lift needed as I was increasing to 750 cc and gravity had been kinda kind to this one area I asked about options for lipo. Dr aiello suggested tumescent lipo for my bat wings love handles and bra rolls. It seemed like a dream come true to put a rewind on my genetic destiny of plus 40 fat deposits. Ok, so the surgery went well. The abasthesiologist is great and I love his nurse. Like I wish I could see her daily. Dr aiello took care of business and when I woke up I felt like I'd been steamrolled. Yet more so, I felt like I was in great hands. Currently 6 weeks post op. My boobs are no less than amazing. And my curves have returned in all the right places. My arms aren't jiggling after I finish waving goodbye. I'm so thankful for modern plastic surgery. This has made a difference in my self asteem. Now I can enjoy working out and stop feelimg anxious about not losing weight in those stubborn areas.